Manuscript and editorial feedback services


Insightful, honest feedback for your writing is the most powerful tool in your writer’s arsenal. It’ll help you improve work to attract the eye of an agent.

And we have the most talented team of editors available, with among the best connections to literary agents. 

Options include a full manuscript read (for fiction, commercial non-fiction, and film scripts), as well as shorter reports on your first chapters or feedback on agent query letters and synopses.

Full manuscript feedback

Editing servicesGet rigorous, constructive editorial feedback
If you’re serious about getting published, send your manuscript to us and we will read it in full. You’ll receive structural editorial feedback (not the same as copy-editing or proofreading), addressing style, structure, pacing, etc., with feedback on plot and character for fiction manuscripts. We’ll tell you in detail what’s working, what’s not working, and how to fix the stuff that isn’t yet right to best attract a publishing deal. You will receive a written feedback report and be able to discuss feedback directly with your editor. See sample feedback.

Get help from talented editorial professionals
Our editors are a team of about seventy authors, literary agents and commissioning editors from major publishing houses. We have expertise in every genre, for adults and children. So we will have someone who understands your manuscript and will assess its potential for the market. Meet the team.

Help get yourself published
We are lucky to have had outstanding clients and every year, we help more of them find agents, get book deals and build careers. If you have ability, a great idea and a willingness to work hard, we could be able to help you. See our success stories and why we’re blushing.

We can help you find literary agents
If your manuscript is strong enough to be marketed, we can help with that, too. Our editors act as our first-point talent scouts. We have outstanding links with literary agents and have placed work with leading literary agencies in the UK. See our connections.

Proud to guarantee work
We are confident in the quality of what we offer. See our editorial guarantee.


Short reports: first chapters and literary agent submissions

At a charge of £225, you can opt for an Opening chunk review of your first few chapters, up to 8,000 words, or an Agent submission review, reporting on your covering letter to an agent, your draft synopsis, and the opening 5,000 words of your novel or non-fiction manuscript. Submission requirements for each literary agency may vary so check each website.

Both options will give detailed feedback on your work and advice on how to improve. We use the same team of editors as for our full editorial service and we expect the level of quality advice to be the same. (Indeed, we guarantee it.) Your average report length will be 1,500 words.

Opening chunk review

The Opening chunk review is a great choice if you’re at an early stage in writing and just want pointers on how you’re doing and what to focus on from here. (Though do note, if you want detailed advice on your plot we will have to read your entire manuscript, in which case you need a full manuscript assessment.) The perfect start point if you want top quality input for a special price, you’ll get a great deal from this service.

Agent submission review

The Agent submission review is ideal if you are getting ready to send your work to an agent, and you want detailed professional advice on how to perfect your submission. Again, if you want detailed advice on your plot, we will have to read your entire manuscript, in which case you need the full review. Once you’re ready, remember also to check the individual requirements of each literary agent you contact via each agency website.

To proceed, just email us your work and make payment online. 


Picture book feedback

Learn how to succeed in this highly specialist market. We offer detailed advice on children’s picture books, and naturally, we use editors with deep experience of this specialist field. Click here for more details. Turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Fees£195 for 1-3 picture books

More payment info.


Script feedback from screenwriters  

Our charge for a full-length movie manuscript is £350. Our fee for scripts running for one hour or less is £295. For that fee, you will receive (i) a full report by a professional script editor, (ii) the opportunity to discuss your work with your editor, and (iii) our help in placing your work with an agent (if the work is of sufficient quality).

All sent work should be in standard industry format (i.e. one page equivalent to one minute). If your work is not in this format, we can still offer feedback and advice but we’ve never yet seen a script in the wrong format which doesn’t need a lot of basic structural work.


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