Author testimonials (or all the lovely things you say)


Shucks, you do say the nicest things.

We are blushing.


Editorial feedback for manuscripts

" are fabulous. One critique from them improved my writing more than anything else ever!" @ChloeTellsTales

"I don't know how to thank you enough for your perceptive and incisive report. I've been desperate for help like this and so much wish that I had found the Writers' Workshop a few years ago." Richard F.

"Extremely useful. Very clear guidance. I could not have asked for any better, frank direction. Money extremely well-spent." Michael S.

"My editor has been absolutely incredible. I was amazed that anyone could so quickly and completely get to the heart of what I had hoped to achieve. The criticism was tough and direct, but my editor had such a professional and sensitive approach, she always left me feeling positive, inspired and empowered to improve. It was the best experience I could have hoped for." Sumangali M.

"It's like conversing with a literary angel ... I'd hug you if I could." Victoria W.

"Look what happens if you get involved with @WWonthebrink or @festivalwriting [View link here]" @KerryFSwayne

"Since coming through the Writers Workshop I have self-published my own books and my book sales are now in excess of 350,000 across Amazon, google books, iTunes etc. I have now resigned from [my job] and am able to write full time and support myself and family on the money I earn from self-publishing. I wanted once again to thank [my editor] for the great work he did ... and have nothing but praise for him and the help and encouragement given to me by you and the Writers' Workshop." Tim O'R.

"A brief but sincere note of thanks for the excellent professional advice you have provided. No wonder you are held in such high esteem." Chris H.

"The Writers' Workshop has made me think about my craft and has made a real difference to my writing. I would recommend their editorial feedback services wholeheartedly." Martin E.

"Just to say thanks for providing a valuable service. My editor's asessment and critique of my MS was excellent. Brutally frank..." H.A.K.

"It gives me great pleasure to let you and all the other wonderful people at Writers' Workshop know that I signed an agency agreement with ** from ****! As you can imagine, I haven't come down off Cloud Nine yet. It hardly seems believable. Of course, your editor had a massive influence on this decision, as did the Writers' Workshop. I have to say that coming upon your website was the best move I could have ever made with my writing ... it is all a bit nail-bitingly surreal. I know it's a difficult time out there so I have to stay realistic, but just getting an agent - and a top agent in ** - is a major (and possibly the most difficult) achievement in itself. Thanks again for all your help." Dean O.


Film script feedback

"Her notes were detailed yet understandable, far exceeded my expectations and have provided me with the way forward. ... Excellent value for money." Susan C.

"Thank you VERY much for your VERY comprehensive report.  (Now my heart is broken). I have read, reread and rereread your 21 page report and will do so again and again." Peter S.

You provided some insightful feedback and I promptly started work. [Later] BBC Writers' Room got in touch saying they liked the script and would like to see further work." Julius A.

"I've sent this as a separate email because I'm sure that [the film agent you put me in touch with] wouldn't want to read my grateful dribble along with the script. I just wanted to say thanks again for all your support and time. It's been a fantastic boost." Sarah T.


Our online writing courses

"I have completed courses with the Writer’s Bureau, Writers Forge, Open University, and more and I can say that this was the one I learnt the most from. The teachers were exceptional." - Gavin T.

"Very detailed feedback. Support, encouragement and advice. Brilliant value for money. I feel like I’ve come away with a ton of new knowledge and a truckload of experience." Mandy B.

"A great course, extremely helpful." Courtney W.

"My tutor was fantastic. Spot on, kind but fair and consistent. I totally recommend the course." Eve K.


Our complete novel writing course

"Daren has been a brilliant mentor and has provided invaluable help and insight. He has given me advice in relation to all aspects of the book, from plotting and structure, to fine linguistic details. I’m not sure I could have finished it without him. I am pleased to say that I now have an agent." - Eve Harris, who went on to be longlisted for the Booker Prize.

"It is difficult to encapsulate in just a few sentences why the course is excellent value for money but here are a few. I more fully understand the importance of plot, have learnt how to make my writing tighter, quicker and more exciting, have been helped to improve my style. Daren worked tirelessly with me. I feel I have gained so much from working with him, and I am extremely grateful." Jill C.

 "Daren replied to my questions almost instantaneously and guided me through my plot. His feedback was direct and honest and I really valued his criticism. I miss working with him as I hadn't realised how much he was a part of the momentum." Joe C.

"Daren approached my work with a fine tooth comb, deliving deeper and deeper into my writing with each session. His approach was thorough, insightful and of tremendous value. I can honestly say it was worth every minute." Paul R.


Our annual Festival of Writing

"After discovering the Writers' Workshop online, I feel as though I have stumbled across a fantastic new world dedicated to supporting and inspiring writers ... The Festival and the Writers' Workshop went above and beyond. The whole conference was incredibly informative, candid and fun yet professional. I walked away with a host of new friends, a stronger sense of ambition, as well as a literary agent. Forget value for money - the Writers' Workshop and the Festival of Writing are a new writer's passport into the world of publishing." Jenny M.

"Why is the best thing since sliced cake? Find out here." @lorettamilan

"A belated thank you for the marvellous Festival of Writing ... as a result of all the incredibly useful seminars, I improved the manuscript sufficiently to obtain two offers of representation. I have just signed with Marcy Posner, [whom I met at the Festival]." Lexie E.

"A fantastic work-out for the mind. I loved every minute and found it uplifting, daunting, invigorating, and humbling. Not only extremely well organised, but soooo helpful: great one-to-ones, and masses of time to meet people in the industry." Lucy B.

"Have a fantastic time and good luck! The 'York Effect' worked wonders for me last year and hopefully will for lots of you." @isabelcostello

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Festival of Writing. I learned a great deal - and what's more had fun. Your team performed magnificently." Bob W.

"Love and luck to all going to ! Last year I met my majestic agent , learned The Craft and drank Much Wine." @HFKaner

"A huge thank you for organising such a wonderful Festival." Alex C.


*These testimonials are all genuine and can be inspected in our offices at any time. We have edited them lightly for length and flow, but have made no alterations to tone or sense. And we've got loads more than we can fit on this page!