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Privacy Policy

The Writers' Workshop does not collect or store details about individual users. We do use some very common software - Google Analytics - which gives us highly aggregated data about our site traffic and use. So, for example, we can see how many people have visited our site in a given week, which search terms were most commonly used to find us, which websites most often referred traffic to us, and so on. This data is captured by Google from your computer, but we receive no data that would allow us to identify the behaviour or clicks of individual users ... nor would we remotely have an interest in that data anyway. Indeed, if we're being completely honest we don't have the IT competence to get it in the first place.

If you sign up to our mailing list, we will store your email address (but no other data) using a well-known third party supplier MailChimp. We don't send out huge numbers of emails and (more to the point) you can unsubscribe from our list at any time - there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every circular email we send out. You just need to click that link, and your details vanish into the void.

If you email us, we do retain your email on our system for future reference. If you want us to delete it, then just contact us and ask us to do so. We never give away or sell email addresses to anyone. We probably would if there was a SWAT team at the door and a police helicopter circling overhead, but that sort of thing doesn't happen very often in Charlbury.

If you send us a manuscript for review or join a course, workshop or Festival, we will keep any data you send us - phone numbers, email addresses and text, for example - but we will keep that data private and we won't use it other than for the purposes of conducting our regular business. If you book a course online, your data will be handled by Bookwhen, a respected third party system, but the data remains under our own control and governed by our normal privacy standards.

Additionally, and for the sake of absolute clarity, we will respect your copyright in written material and we won't approach agents or publishers on your behalf without your prior consent. Though, funnily enough, whenever we've wanted to send a manuscript to an agent, the writer concerned has usually said 'Yes'. Sometimes they've even said, 'Yes-yes-yessity-yes'. We get some nice thank yous too.

We do not accept any external ads (a common source of privacy issues) and we're not aware of any other feature of our site that might compromise your privacy in any way.

Obviously, however, if you sign up to the Word Cloud, our writers' community site, we do ask for and store your data, so that you can participate happily on the Cloud. Further information about privacy issues (and other matters) can be found here. Similarly, if you leave a comment on our house blog, the system will record various bits of data, including your email and IP address. The system which powers our blog is WordPress, the world's largest open-source supplier of blogging software.

Finally, if you have any concerns about privacy or the use of your data, please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help.

Terms and Conditions

Editorial Assessments


The Writers’ Workshop will keep your work confidential, period. We'll make only such printed copies as we need to do our job, and dispose of those copies responsibly. If you want us to delete your file from our computer after we've completed the assignment, then just ask and we'll do it.

  • Your work will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • The copyright of your work is automatically yours and remains yours at all times.

We will not seek to exploit your work or ideas for our benefit - but please be aware that The Writers’ Workshop is staffed by professional working writers, who may be working with similar themes / characters / settings themselves. If we're aware of a significant clash or overlap, we'll let you know. What we can't promise is that no such overlap will ever arise. At the time of writing, no client has ever complained about inappropriate exploitation of their work. We hope & expect that no one ever will.

Our feedback

We will deliver editorial advice to the best of our professional ability as working writers. The feedback will endeavor to strike the right balance between honesty, sympathy, and constructive criticism, but writers and manuscripts vary. What's the right balance for one writer may not always be right for another. We'll do our best to get it right for you.

Equally, editorial feedback is a subjective business. You are purchasing advice, not a formula for success. It's our job to give good, clear, responsible advice. It's your job to use that advice as constructively as you can. If you end up disagreeing with us, that's OK. Disagreements can be constructive too. (Although we would point out that most of our clients - and all our most successful ones - agree with 80% or more of the comments we have to offer ...)

  • Please note the copyright of the report remains with The Writers' Workshop. Permission should be sought in advance from The Writers' Workshop before quoting a report, for example to agents, or on websites.

Your responsibility

Even for writers with agents, publishers & book deals, editorial advice can be tough to take. We don't compromise on honesty, and that means that you've got to be ready to hear it.

If we don't hear otherwise from you, we assume that your aim is to have your work published or sold commercially. If that assumption is not correct - or if there is any other background you want your editor to have - then you must set out all the relevant info in an email and send that at the same time as you send your manuscript. We'll ensure that your editor has that background before they start work.


First-time writers tend to think that to break into the publishing or film industries you need to know the right people. Wrong! What you need is outstandingly good work. At least 99% of what we do is focused on helping your work come up to the right standard for success. When and if we achieve that, we'll do what we can to help place your work with agents. But there are no guarantees. If only, huh?

Mentoring / ongoing advice

We're here to assist you for as long as you need us. If you work with your editor through one draft of your manuscript, and then want help with further drafts, ongoing mentoring, etc, then we'll do what we can to assist. To discuss this process and arrange mentoring you should contact the office not the editor.
We are usually able to make the same editor available for any ongoing work, but can't promise to do so. The trouble with all these damn writers is that they do want to go away and write ...


For regular editorial work (eg: feedback on a manuscript, script or poems), your upfront payment will cover (1) a full and careful read by our appointed editor, (2) our written report, sent to you by email, and (3) a follow up telephone consultation/email between you and your editor. We're happy to stay involved with your project, but further involvement will normally involve a further fee. We'll discuss this with you, once it's clear what ongoing help would suit you best.


We try to be prompt about giving feedback, but because we're all working writers, life can sometimes intervene with even the best laid plans. When this happens, we'll do our best to be prompt and courteous about informing you of any delays.

Refund Policy / Complaint Handling

You have the statutory right to cancel within seven days of our contract with you. If you do cancel your order prior to work commencing, you will have your payment returned. If you are dissatisfied with the work that has been done, please bear in mind that the service includes a follow-up conversation/email aimed at answering any questions you might have, and addressing any other issues you feel are important. If, after having this conversation with your editor, you still are displeased, give us a call on 0845 459 9560, and we will do all we can to make you feel we have fully honoured our obligation to you.

We strive to provide the best service possible and hope that you never need to read this section. However, sometimes things happen that may compromise our standards and we would want you to let us know about it sooner rather than later.  Get in touch with the office, not the editor to discuss your issue. We will try to put right what has gone wrong. We promise to be fair and considered and deal with your complaint in a timely fashion.

Responsibility & governing law
These terms and conditions form the basis of a contract between you, the client, and us, The Writers’ Workshop. We and not your editor are responsible for the proper performance of this contract, which shall be governed by English law.

Courses and workshops

Delegate cancellation / refund policy
Please book only when you're sure you can attend. Refunds can only be made up to 21 days prior to the start date of a course / workshop, but not thereafter. We can effect transfer to the next available course.This is subject to a nonimal transfer admin charge.

No transfers or refunds can be made once the course has started.

Student Responsibility

Bookings are only accepted from students over 18 years of age. Delegates are responsible for following the course joining instructions and their own participation. Online courses will require a reasonable level of competency in using the internet and online communities, please do not book unless you are confident working in this way. We expect all students to behave in an appropriate manner and act with courtesy towards their tutor and fellow students. An integral part of our courses is learning to critique your own and others’ work, we reserve the right to remove anyone not acting in an appropriate manner.  We limit the number of students for each course to ensure proper tutor time, this means your space is precious.  If, for any reason, you are not able to participate or choose to discontinue your participation no refund will be made.

Presenter / tutor availability
We will make every effort to ensure that the tutor who leads your workshop or course will be the one advertised, Where this is not possible, we will ensure a suitably qualified replacement. We will also make every effort to ensure that the workshops take place at the advertised venue and that any technology platforms used by our online courses have full functionality. We cannot however guarantee this and may occasionally have to offer alternative locations / platforms, etc.

Are first come, first served.

We recommend that all delegates are 18 or older. Delegates who are younger than this, should contact the Writers' Workshop prior to booking.

Daren's Complete Novel Course.

Cancellations made once you have started the programme are at the discretion of the tutor and The Writers' Workshop and are calculated to cover time and admin costs. 


The Festival of Writing & the Getting Published Event


Delegate cancellation: Please book only when you're sure you can attend. If you do need to cancel, refunds are made on the following basis: In the event of a delegate’s cancellation before June 30th, 75% of the total fee will be refunded. In the event of cancellation in the course of July to 1st August, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Thereafter no refunds are possible.


Presenter/Speaker cancellation: Whilst the WW will make every endeavour to present the speakers and workshops at the time billed, the WW is not responsible for presenters’ lateness or cancellation. Wherever possible, suitable replacements will be arranged.



Bookings are offered on a first come first served basis.


Delegates must behave safely, courteously and appropriately at all times. Threatening, violent or abusive behaviour will result in immediate ejection from the venue. 


Delegates must be 18 or over. The WW will also accept 16 and 17 year olds by prior agreement and only with written consent from a parent or guardian.

Force Majeure

The WW shall incur no liability for any failure to fulfil any obligation under the Contract if prevented from doing so by any cause beyond its reasonable control.

Book doctors

Please remember that Book Doctors are there to give tough, honest and expert advice. That may include telling you things that are hard to hear, so please come prepared for that in advance - and do remember that our advice is only ever advice. You are not obliged to agree with it or act on it. If, for any reason, a particular book doctor fails to appear for a scheduled session, the WW will make all reasonable efforts to arrange for an alternative, other on that day or shortly thereafter.

The Writers' Workshop

The Writers' Workshop is a Trading Name for Harry Bingham (sole trader). The office address is The Writers' Workshop, Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7HT, United Kingdom. The contact number is 0345 459 9560. and the email address is info@writersworkshop.co.uk. Vat Reg 909 1973 00.

Terms of service on the Word Cloud, our writers' community site, can be found here.

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