Plot and structure in the novel

Ideas, concepts, inspiration

Nothing is harder to come by - or more important - than inspiration. And it's not enough to be inspired: you need a concept that a publisher is also likely to get excited by. So here are our tips:

Story, plot and pacing

The heart of a book is its story. Get that right and readers will overlook a lot of other lapses. Get it wrong and your book will not be saleable. So get it right:


More ways to get help

Writing is hard - it's OK to get assistance. We suggest:

  • You read How To Write by Harry Bingham, the WW supremo. It's quite good, you know!
  • You join one of our fabulous online courses. You will learn from home, but in the company of other students at about your level of writing experience Your tutor will be an experienced author themselves.
  • You come to one of our Events, where you will get to meet and learn from agents, authors and publishers. (Also, our events are notoriously good fun.)