Editing your novel: other services

We offer a full range of professional editing services for fiction and non-fiction. If you want expert editorial guidance on your manuscript, then you can find them on our main editorial page. If you want copyediting services, then go here.

But we're here to help you, no matter what your project or what your editing requirements - and we have success with a huge variety of approaches. We can always tailor something to suit you, or just pick from the services below.


novel editing servicesMentoring

Do you want to work one-on-one with someone over an extended period? Someone you can show drafts to, bounce ideas off, ask for help on technical writing issues?

We can supply that, and quite a few clients have enjoyed very close working relationships with thieir appointed mentors, all of whom will be either published authors themselves or former commissioning editors at major publishing houses.

How does it work? Well, however you want really. We don't set the rules: you do. The price is £90 per hour, for you to use as you like. (Discounts are available for existing clients: please ask.) It's normally easiest if you buy a block of 4 or so hours, then use that time as and when you need. Discussions can happen by a mixture of phone & email - possibly also Skype or face-to-face, depending on what suits everyone concerned.

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Your mentor needs to get up to speed. Assuming that you've already got a full or partial draft of your novel/non-fiction MS, then your editor can't really help you until he or she has read your material and given you a full data dump of what they think the issues are. And that, remember, is basically our normal editorial service - available here - so the best starting place for most mentoring is simply a thorough editorial assessment. (And at that point, plenty of writers are blown away by how much insight they've acquired, so they don't actually need follow-up mentoring.)

  • Your mentor spends time reading! Do remember that you're not just paying for time on the phone or email: your poor old editor needs to read your manuscript, take notes, organise her thoughts, etc. You'll always get good value for your mentoring-hours, but we do have to take into account preparation/reading time as well as actual interaction-time.

  • You probably need less mentoring than you think. The more you work with your mentor, the more you will start to "internalise" her way of thinking and adopt it as your own. The best mentoring relationships develop the author as well as the manuscript.


manuscript editing servicesThe Complete Novel Course

If you want a mentoring service that runs from first idea through to third (and quite possibly final) draft, then we can supply it.

What's more, your companion on that journey will be Daren King - a massively versatile and talented author, who is both winner of a Nestle Prize and a shortisted candidate for the Guardian First Novel Prize.

Daren's course is simply amazing and has an incredible record of getting newbie authors all the way from zero to agented. Indeed, one of his students - Eve Harris, author of The Marrying of Chani Kaufman - went on to be longlisted for the Booker Prize with her very first novel. Many of Daren's clients have told him that they've obtained more value from working with him than from entire MA courses and all that goes with them.

You can get exactly the same level of input, insight and care for yourself - it's just a question of making the decision to do it. Learn more about Daren's course.


professional editing servicesGhostwriting & other hands-on editing

Mostly, we're not about doing your work for you: we're here to help you acquire the tools to do it yourself. But there are exceptions to every rule, and we're here to help. For example:

Barbara Tate's West End Girls. Barbara was in her 80s when she came to us with a manuscript that she'd written decades before but which had never been published.

The book was amazing - but needed quite a lot of work, which Barbara no longer felt up to doing herself. So we were happy to do the hands-on editing work that took that book all the way to publication - and amazing reviews right across the national press. Barbara, very sadly, died before publication, but she knew she had a book deal and said that it was one of the crowning achievements of her life. We were thrilled to help. See the book on Amazon.

Mitch Feierstein's Planet Ponzi. Mitch, a hedge fund manager, came to us with a manuscript detailing his explosive - and impeccably researched - views on the financial crisis and the terrifying build-up of debt in both Wall Street and government. Again, the book was stunning but needed hands-on editing before it was ready for publication. We worked closely with Mitch to do that work, and the book was sold to major publishers in the UK and elsewhere. It remains the essential guide to the crisis. See the book on Amazon.

Howard Marks's Sympathy for the Devil. Howard ("Mr Nice") doesn't need much introduction from us. Suffice to say that he wanted some help with his second crime novel and we were proud to give it. See book on Amazon.

We can also help with out-and-out ghost-writing (where no original manuscript exists) and we've had some fine success there too. If you are interested in working with us, please bear in mind that:

  • Ghost writing is expensive: you're talking about thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands, of pounds. That's simply because you need a LOT of time from a VERY experienced writer. These jobs are big and time-consuming.

  • We don't work for a share of royalties. Not all books get published. Not all books sell for much money. If you want to buy someone's time, you can - but you need to pay for it!

  • Ghostwriting works best when the underlying story is amazing. Before you engage us on a project, you need to think whether the idea is of real mass market interest or really only of interest to you and those who know you.

We're not trying to put you off - we just want to make you aware that ghostwriting isn't an easy way out of whatever your writing quandary is. Find out more about our ghostwriting services here.


The Born Digital Project

No art form ever dies: novels didn't kill poetry. Cinema didn't kill theatre. The ebook won't kill the novel.

But new art forms are born - and the digital revolution means that writers now command a much huger range of tools than they used to, from photos and videos, down to interactive decision-making and innovative use of GPS technology.

Author, screenwriter and digital pioneer Craig Taylor has done some very interesting work in this area himself - he's currently engaged in a major project with the British Library - and he's there to help you navigate whatever project most engages you right now. Learn more about the Born Digital opportunity.