Win Festival Tickets & More

This competition is now closed to new entries. We'll be announcing the results of the prize draw first thing next week (beginning 2 July). In the meantime, if you want an amazing holiday read, we've got an excellent recommendation for you ...

What we're giving away

We're giving away the biggest prizes we've ever offered. Up for grabs are:

  • 1 Full weekend ticket to the Festival of Writing (each worth £525)
  • 3 places at a lunch in London with Harry Bingham and Bill Massey, Deputy Publishing Director of Orion. You'll be asked to provide an opening chapter, on which Harry & Bill will offer short comments.
  • 10 signed copies of Harry's How To Write
  • 10 signed copies of Harry's Getting Published

Entry is free (though see below for what you might want to do if you're lovely). We'll be thrilled if you enter.

Why we're being so generous

On June 21, Orion is releasing Harry's latest novel, Talking to the Dead. It's a crime novel, set in Cardiff - but it's much more than that. It's an extraordinary study of an extraordinary person. Harry says:

"My protagonist, Fiona Griffiths, had me completely in her power as I was writing this - and she still does. The novel is a crime story, but the basic crime novel lives inside two other mysteries, one of which has to do with the riddle of Fiona Griffiths' astonishing personality and the other of which has to do with - um, well, I can't tell you.

"This is the best book I've ever written. These Fiona Griffiths novels (there are more to follow) will be the best things I ever write. They're strange and dark and lovely and I've never enjoyed writing anything so much in my life."

For more info, see Harry's website here.


No purchase necessary

This competition is "no purchase necessary", because we're nice, but we do ask you, please, if you can, to buy or preorder the book. All prizes are coming directly from Harry's time and/or pocket, so it would be only fair, no?

And in any case, what have you got to lose? If you love crime, you'll love this. And if you don't - give it a go: you'll still love it. If you don't, you can always give it to your Mum.


How to enter

Step One
To enter, just answer this unbelievably simple question:

In which city is Talking to the Dead set?
     (A) CARDIFF

If you're not sure, you might want to remember that the book is set in Wales and there is not (as far as I know) a city called Albuquerque in Wales. If you apply the same relentless logic to the other two options, you'll no doubt ferret out the solution.

Step Two
Then - if you're a lovely person, which we're sure you are - you'll pop over to Amazon and order the book. Thank you very much for that.

Step Three
Then, just email us with your answer. Put "Talking to the Dead" in the subject line of your email, and give us your chosen answer in the body of the email. If you let us know that you've bought the book, Harry will write to thank you personally - and quite right too. It means a lot to us.

How we pick the winners
We will close the competition on Thursday 28th June. We'll pick winners at random. The #1 winner will get first choice of goodies. The #2 winner will get next choice. And so on. All winners will be announced on our blog, as soon as possible after closing date.


Did we happen to mention?

  • That entry is free!
  • That the prizes are fab!
  • That the book is terrific!
  • And that Lovely People will buy or order the book now!

Thank you very much indeed.