How our online writing courses work


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All online courses are hosted on our own community site, the Word Cloud. Each week, the course comprises:

• A video introduction;
• A written lecture;
• Interactive classroom discussion;
• A writing exercise on the week’s topic;
• Feedback on your homework.

The interface is straightforward and intuitive. So if you’re even reasonably confident with working online, you’ll have no difficulties mastering our course environment.


Who is my online writing tutor?

Your writing course tutor will be a top quality professional author (or screenwriter), who has a lot of experience in working with first time writers. We only ever use tutors who are genuinely friendly, passionate and keen to help you improve. Check each individual course page for details on your tutor and more about their writing and publishing experiences.


When do I have to be online for the course?

Whenever you want. The course materials will be available no matter when you choose to log in. If you happen to be away or busy for a few days during the course, you’ll easily be able to catch up later.


How much time should I set aside for writing?

The more you put into the course, the more you’ll get out. But do try to make sure you have a few hours every week to devote to it. (Be warned, our courses can be addictive.)


How interactive are your writing courses?

Every single aspect of the course is interactive. If you’ve got a question about the lecture, ask away. If you don’t agree with something on the video, say so. If you want to launch your own discussion topic, go right ahead. Be polite, always. You won’t just be interacting with your tutor, you’ll be sharing and learning from everyone else on your course, too. We keep class sizes small, so you will get to know people and make friends.


What’s the course environment like?

If you’re technically proficient enough to turn a computer on, you should be proficient enough to master our course. And there’ll be plenty of help available if you get stuck.

Our teaching takes place on the Word Cloud, our writers’ community site. If you want to see how that works, just pop over and take a look. Sign up for the Cloud is quick, easy and free. We do recommend that you join the Cloud as soon as you’ve signed up for your course. That way, you’ll understand how everything  works well before your course begins.


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