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The literary consultant

Harry founded this literary consultancy in 2005, spending £800 on a website offering editorial services. He thought he might earn a little pin money on the side. Trouble was, people kept sending him manuscripts, rather more than he felt able to deal with.

So he hired an editor to assist him. Then another. Then another.

And so on.

The Writers’ Workshop is now the largest editorial consultancy in the UK. The annual Festival of Writing is the biggest writers’ conference in the UK. And Agent Hunter is the UK’s premier online literary agent search tool.

Harry is also the author of the industry leading texts on Getting Published and How To Write, both published by Bloomsbury.

(And you can see his page on the Bloosmbury website here.)


The crime novelist

Harry is a critically acclaimed crime novelist, whose work has been published all round the world. He has also written fiction and non-fiction for a variety of major international publishers. His website is just here.

Harry is currently writing a crime series, featuring a young Welsh detective, Fiona Griffiths. The series has sold to publishers in the UK (Orion), the US (Random House), as well as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and elsewhere. The first novel was televised by Bonafide and broadcast on Sky Living. The novels are notable mostly for the strong voice and strange character of their protagonist. The first three titles in the series are Talking to the Dead, Love Story with Murders, and The Strange Death of FIona Griffiths.

The books have had nice reviews in The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, New York Times, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Washington Post, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, Western Mail (all behind a paywall), Shelf Awareness, crimefictionlover, and many more fine publications.

A stunner with precision plotting, an unusual setting, and a deeply complex protagonist. … [A] breathtaking book. (Seattle Times)

A female protagonist with … a razor-sharp wit, a mind on hyper-drive, and a yearning to inhabit “Planet Normal.” … The writing is terrific, just literary enough to make you catch your breath but not so eye-catching that it detracts from the storytelling. (Boston Globe)

More reviews available here. Harry is available for festivals throughout the UK, for online author interviews, guest posts, etc. The books can be ordered from Amazon in the UK, the US and Canada. Harry’s Amazon pages are here in the UK, here in the US, and here on Goodreads.

Harry is also the bestselling author of a number of other books:

You can find out more about these fine works from the HarperCollins website. Harry has also written journalism for The Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail and others.


On social media

The twenty-five word biog
Forty-something. Married. British. Kids. Living in Oxfordshire. The Writers’ Workshop founder. Used to be a banker. Now a full-time writer. Likes rock-climbing, walking, swimming. Done.

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He tweets as @harryonthebrink (though himself isn’t a great tweeter, so if you want fun with social media, you probably want to follow Stephen Fry instead).


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