Guest Blogs for the Writers’ Workshop


Our site

  • Gets about 80,000 visits a month and around 250,000 page views.
  • Our users are serious aspiring writers (many of whom will go on to achieve publication) and of course they typically read a large amount, across every genre.
  • Our sister site, Agent Hunter, receives another 30,000 or so monthly page views and we will republish material of common interest across the two sites.
  • Our newsletter goes to about 20,000 people (all of whom have specifically opted in) and we include info about recent interesting blog posts in those newsletters.

What we want

We are keen to publish guest posts that meet the following criteria:

  • The author must have genuine authority in the area of writing, agenting, publishing or self-publishing.
  • The piece must be original.
  • The piece must be a minimum of 600 words long
  • It should contain genuinely useful advice for our readership, which is made up of intelligent aspiring writers. The very best posts also include a little something by way of personal anecdote too.
  • The post should not be directly salesy – because no one reads those things – but you’re welcome to plug your book or your service in the last paragraph or so of your post and, of course, we’ll include as many book covers, links, etc as makes sense.

We will always try to schedule your post to within a few days of your favoured date (normally publication date.) Please let us know your chosen date when you submit your material.

It’s fine for you to republish the post elsewhere after it’s appeared on our site, but always with a link back to the original, please.

Please don't contact us with material that doesn't meet the above criteria: we won't take it.

Creating a post that lasts forever

Also – and this is important – we do ask two further things, namely:

  • The title should ideally be search engine friendly. (So, “How to solve plot problems in your novel” is excellent; “Bif, bam, thud: why action isn’t the be-all and end-all.” is terrible.)
  • We also ask that you link to the post from your site or blog, that you tweet the link, and encourage your publisher to retweet it too.

These things matter to us because we want your post to attract traffic for months and years to come. Because our site is very high authority in Google’s eyes, we’re quite capable of attracting traffic over the long-term – indeed, we have posts on our site that still attract 100s of readers every month, even years after first publication. The key is (A) a clear, descriptive title, and (B) some external linking to get the ball rolling. The existing authority of our site (and the excellence of your material) should do the rest.

How to get started

Please drop an email to to let us know:

  • Who the post will be from. (That may be you, of course, but we get a lot of enquiries from publicists too.)
  • A proposed title
  • A preferred publication date

We’ll get back to you quickly with an aye, a nae, or a tell-me-more. Thank you for thinking of us.