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We are an outstanding editorial and literary consultancy offering prices you can afford, novels and non-fiction welcomed.

If you entrust us with your manuscript and invite us to help you, then we promise:

  • To give you an in-depth report. That means a minimum of 3,000 words for any manuscript over 60,000 words. Shorter manuscripts may mean shorter reports but it is very rare for us to deliver a report of less than 1,500 words.
  • To use a genuinely expert editor. We only use editors whose track records we trust. That means editors who have either (a) written and sold novels / non-fiction to major major publishers or (b) worked as commissioning editors at major publishing houses. There are very rare instances where we might use someone who hasn’t properly ticked one of those boxes. But only when we know that the quality of their editing is outstanding. (View our editors.)
  • To use an editor with expertise in your genre. Mostly that will mean that our editor has written or commissioned work in your area. Sometimes it will mean that an editor has a passion for and interest in your genre without having actually published work in that area. In all cases, you’ll be served by someone with authority and passion.
  • To consider the market for your novel or non-fiction manuscript. We want your novel or book to be artistically successful in its own terms, but we know you also want to achieve publication. We will keep both elements in mind as we offer you guidance.
  • To be honest and constructive. We aren’t here to flatter you. If you simply want people to say nice things about your work, there are other outfits which will serve you better. We do try to be polite in the way we say things, but what matters to us first and foremost is that we guide you towards a better manuscript. (View sample feedback.)
  • To market your work if it’s strong enough to be marketed and do so for free. Most manuscripts that we see aren’t yet ready to be marketed to agents. But if yours is ready, we’ll work with you to place it with literary agents, we’ll advise you on which agents to approach, and we’ll hold your hand through the entire process. We will never charge you a penny for that service. Our connections with agents are outstanding - and please bear in mind that a freelance editor working alone does not have the strength of contacts that we can bring to bear. (See more.)
  • To respond promptly and fairly in case of problems. Sometimes writers send us the wrong version of their manuscript. Sometimes an editor falls ill or becomes otherwise unable to complete their editing assignment in the agreed time period. Our editors work for us on a freelance basis so we can’t stop those things from happening, but we will respond fast and fairly to ensure that your goals are met.
  • To respect your copyright. We won’t copy or plagiarise your work. If one of our editors happens to be writing something that overlaps significantly with your story, we’ll let you know immediately and allow you to choose a different editor if you prefer.
  • To respect you and your writing. We will always treat you with respect. We will always talk to you as a human being.
  • To advise you honestly, always. Once you’re a client, you’re one of us. If you need to ask us about something, maybe years after you first approached us, then that’s fine. We’re here for you. And the service is essentially free: only in exceptional circumstances do we charge for that advice.


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