The Getting Published Day 2018

3rd March 2018 | 9.00am – 6.00pm | Regent’s College, London

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£125 / £175

The aim of our Getting Published Day is simply one thing: getting your work published.

This intensive course teaches you how to ensure your work is of the highest standard, and how to pitch to – and land – a literary agent.

Every year at this event, writers build connections with literary agents that develop into offers of representation – and book deals.

There will also be the chance to get feedback from book doctors and agents.

If you’re serious about getting published in 2018, this is not an event to miss.


09.00                 Welcome and registration           

9.30                       The Idea for your Novel (Elevator Pitch)                                                                          Harry Bingham

10.30                     The Four Cornerstones of Plot                                                         Craig Taylor and Jeremy Sheldon

11.30                       Coffee break

11.50                       Prose Style – a toolkit of techniques                                                         Debi Alper and Jess Ruston 

12.50                      Lunch (self-service canteen on site)

13.45                      Getting Published Overview                                                                                              Harry Bingham                                  

14.30                      Meet the Industry                                              Laura Williams,  Millie Hoskins and Imogen Pelham

15.30                       Coffee/Tea break

16.00                      Mistakes that Make Me Scream                  Laura Williams,  Millie Hoskins and Imogen Pelham

16.30                       Slushpile Live!                                                                   

17.30                       Wine. Chat to agents and fellow writers. Head home full of optimism.


What you will learn

You will:

  • Understand what a brilliant book looks like After all, it’s the quality of your concept and writing that will be your greatest asset when approaching literary agents.

  • Learn how literary agents work>. What goes on behind the scenes? What are agents really looking for, right now?

  • Start to put together a professional agent submission packIncluding a succinct synopsis, an eloquent cover letter, and a manuscript extract that will capture attention. 

  • Learn how the publishing industry works. What happens after an agent says ‘yes’?

  • Develop the skills you need to shine out of the slushpile.Literary agents receive thousands of manuscripts a year. We’ll show you how to ensure your work is taken seriously.

  • Get feedback on your work from a professional editor via a one-to-one session with a Book Doctor.

  • Receive immediate feedback on your submission from literary agents via our famous Slushpile LIVE!


Who is this event for?

  • Anyone who is currently writing a book and wants to be prepared for what comes next.

  • Writers who have finished a book and are ready to start seeking publication.

  • Those who have started approaching agents and need to refresh their Agent Submission Pack.

In short – this event is for anyone who is serious about taking their work to the next level. Agents receive thousands of manuscripts a year, so it’s absolutely essential for writers to know how to ensure their work shines from the slushpile. This intensive day is designed specifically to help you do just that.

Further Information:

Slushpile Live!

Round off a day of intensive learning by putting your agent submission to the test, in Slushpile LIVE!

A selection of volunteers will be invited to share their opening chapters, cover letters and synopsis LIVE, to a panel of literary agents and editors, for instant feedback. 

Slushpile LIVE! is there to show you how agents and publishers make decisions, and how you can ensure your manuscript is not one of those rejected. 

Participation in Slushpile LIVE! is voluntary. If you’d like to take part, you’ll receive instructions on how to submit your work after booking. Otherwise – sit back, listen to the feedback the panel gives other writers, and learn, learn, learn. 

Warning: Slushpile LIVE! can cause six-figure book deals.

Book Doctor Submissions 

Book your 15-minute one-to-one session with a Writers' Workshop Book Doctor during the Getting Published day, to get detailed feedback on:

 •    Your draft covering letter to an agent

•    Your synopsis or outline

•    Your opening chapter up to 4,000 words

Most submissions to agents fail because either the book isn't good enough, or it's been badly designed for the current market. Book doctor sessions are designed to uncover any such issues immediately and give you the tools to address them.

And if your work does look strong enough to market, then we'll do what we can to help with next steps there, too. 

If you choose to have a book doctor slot, please submit your work by 16th February 2018. 

Good to know

We're going to be filming the entire day, because we want to make this material available to as many people as possible. The cameras will be 99% focused on our speakers, but there may be occasional shots which include audience members.

If you do not wish to appear on camera, please let our team know on the day and we will make sure that you are not filmed, even briefly. If you have any questions, please just ask.

It's very important to us that we respect your privacy and any concerns you may have.

Timing: Registration starts at 9 am, and people will start to drift away at around 6.00 pm.

The location is: Tuke Common Room, Regent's College London, Inner Cir, London NW1 4NS.

Lunch is via a self-service canteen, a £5 voucher will be provided upon arrival.

Disability access: The buildings are eighteenth-century, but have been modified to allow good disability access to all areas. If you need a carer with you, we're happy to provide a complementary ticket. 

Slushpile Live! submissions

Slushpile Live is there to show you how agents & publishers make those decisions - and there to show you how YOU can make sure your manuscript is not one of those rejected. Here's how the process works: 

•    If you want, you can submit your work for review at the event.

•    To do so, just email us your (i) covering letter, (ii) synopsis, and/or (iii) the opening page of your manuscript.

•    Email us at no later than Friday 23rd February. You should send your work as a single email attachment in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.