The Road To Film Agents

Script feedback and film agent help from pro screenwriters


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What we offer

First we read your script. Attentively and with care.

Secondly, we write a detailed report on the script. The report will tell you if your writing meets industry standards. If not, we'll tell you what to fix and how to fix it. The report will be detailed, constructive and long enough to give you the info you need.


Thirdly, we give you the opportunity to talk at length to your editor, so you can ask all the questions you need to, concerning your writing and the industry at large.

Fourthly, and where appropriate, we'll put your work direct into the hands of a senior film agent. We can't guarantee that any agent will accept your work, but we do undertake to have your work read with real attention.



Who we are

All our editors are film industry insiders, working for some of the major players in the UK film industry. In this role, they know exactly what film companies are looking for and which scripts will sell.

Also as successful screenwriters and/or novelists themselves, our editors know all about the joys and pains of the writing process itself. Their advice is therefore expert and sympathetic to your aims.

For more, see Film editors.


Using our contacts

We are well connected with leading film and TV agents in London and, increasingly, Hollywood. Whenever we get a script which we think has genuine market potential, we will do what we can to have you and your work represented by a leading agent.


TV projects

We are able to advise on TV drama, and some other categories of TV work, though not all. Please ask us whether we can help. If we can't, we'll give you an honest answer and suggest where else to go. Do note that the market for TV writing is much healthier than the market for feature scripts, so we particularly welcome writers who are writing for the smaller, less glamorous, but more profitable screen

Fees and submission guidelines


Our charge for a full length movie manuscript is £280. Our fee for scripts running for one hour or less is £225. For that fee, you will receive (i) a full report by a professional script editor, (ii) the opportunity to discuss your work with your editor, and (iii) our help in placing your work with an agent (if appropriate).


To submit your work, please follow the instructions on our fees page. All work should be in standard industry format (1 page = 1 minute). If your work is not in this format, we can still offer feedback & advice - but we've never yet seen a script in the wrong format which doesn't need a lot of basic structural work. So you have been warned!

We'll never consent to work on a project unless we are 100% sure that we can add real value. And, as ever, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.