Hosted by The Writers' Workshop                        York University, March 25-27, 2011

Welcome all Writers

Last year, we ran our first ever Festival of Writing - and it was a blowout success. This year's Festival is going to be bigger and better: and it all centres on you, the writer.

The Festival brings together a host of literary agents, mainstream and independent publishers, bestselling authors, frighteningly insightful book doctors and much more besides. Because you will be staying on campus, you'll have countless opportunities to talk one on one with these people: make contacts, ask questions, and learn from the pros.

Our hope is that you'll learn masses about how to write better, what kind of books the industry is looking for, and how best to approach agents and publishers. We also hope that you'll have fun, make friends and leave the event buzzing with a sense of encouragement and possibility.

Last year, one of our writers came away with contacts that led to her being signed up by a major agency ... seeing her book fought over by a group of major publishers ... and finally tying up a wonderful two book deal with a major publisher. We'd love it if we could do the same for you.

Harry Bingham
MD, The Writers' Workshop
Author of Getting Published and other books


Kate Williams
Bestselling author of Becoming Victoria and The Pleasures of Men


When where how

when: 25-27 March, 2011

where: York University (more details here)

how: book via this website

enquiries: call 0845 459 9560


About us

The Festival is supported by the Writers' Workshop - the UK's leading consultancy for first-time writers.

We have over 80 professional authors, poets & screenwriters working for us, and we've helped dozens of clients go on to secure representation with top agents. We've even seen a number of our clients go on to secure a place on the bestseller lists, or win prizes for their work..

Harry Bingham, who runs the Workshop, is a bestselling author of novels and non-fiction, and author of Getting Published - the most comprehensive guide to the subject available anywhere.

The other key festival organiser is Kate Allan - author, agent, and books industry publicist.


Our philosophy

We believe that all writing is worthwhile for its own sake - but we also know that a thoroughly professional approach to the industry is essential if new writers are to break through into print. Our sponsors have massive experience at helping new writers do just that. The Festival is designed to help you make the grade.


How to use this site

The Programme tab above gives you the basic structure of the Festival. You've got loads of Workshop choices - just choose the ones that look best for you. Don't forget to book up your One-to-Ones with agents, editors & book doctors. And if that's not enough, then treat yourself to one of our Friday mini-courses.



The Festival welcomes all Authonomists!

HarperCollins created Authonomy to help first time writers get direct access to one of the world's top publishing companies. The Festival is 100% sympathetic to that philosophy and so we've invited some top HC editors and a successful Authonomist to come and talk about the books market and the route to publication.

If you haven't yet come across Authonomy, then you can find out all about it here.



The Writers' Workshop is happy to have joined forces with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy to help spread the word about the festival, and look forward to welcoming them to the festival.

The company provides feedback on manuscripts, runs specialist workshops, and scouts for agents.


Get involved

The Festival is being held on campus at York University - which means that you'll be eating in the same restaurants and drinking in the same bars as the editors, agents and authors present.

Places are strictly limited so book as soon to confirm your place.

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