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What editorial feedback is and why it matters

Lady writerEditorial feedback is the process by which an editor assesses a manuscript, identifies strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions on how the text could be improved.

Those suggestions could address almost anything from plot and pacing through character and point of view to the (crucial) minutiae of prose style. A good editor doesn’t apply any sort of template to your work: he or she will just respond honestly and constructively to the text in front of them.

Note that feedback means what it sounds like: editors don’t normally make hands-on corrections to your work themselves. It’s your book: we only offer advice. View sample editorial reports.

It’s not that simple, sorry! For one thing, you edit your work. We can only offer advice about how to approach that task. You also need to remember that writing is hard. If your editing process means that your manuscript is strong enough to sell, then we’ll certainly be able to help you locate an agent. In the end, our rule is simple: if we read your work and think it’s strong enough to send to agents, then we’ll do so for free: we never charge for the service. But we do have high standards, so yours have to be high as well.
They’re the best in the industry. Not only do we run the UK’s largest writers conference, which brings together many of the best and hungriest literary agents in the UK, we also run Agent Hunter, the UK’s premier service for finding agents. No matter what kind of book you’ve written, if it’s good enough we will know someone who wants it. View our connections in detail.