Spilled Blood by Brian Freeman

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Chris Hawk’s daughter has been accused of murder and she look’s as guilty as sin. If Chris is to find out what really happened, he needs to learn everything about his daughter, but he’s beginning to realise he hardly knows her at all.

Chris wants to believe Olivia is innocent, but belief is only the first step. Now he has to prove it.

And all the while, her enemies are waiting, baying for her blood……

When this one came through the letterbox, I must admit that I wasn’t sure it was quite for me. I’d never heard of Brian Freeman for a start, and the book just came over as a bit of a Patricia Cornwell novel for some unknown reason, a type that I tend to struggle with.

So when I finished my previous novel, I looked at my couch which had a number of new books recently purchased sitting on it, and pondered my kindle which had about the same number stored and unread. No, I thought, I best give it a go, and picked it up wondering how you explained not finishing a book you’d said you’d review.

The next thing I knew I was on page 150!

First and foremost, this is a brave book. It deals with a lot of hard subjects: family seperation, family illness, coping with cancer, coping with being thrown back together in times of stress, coping with coping, and obviously having to deal with the fact that it appears your daughter is a murderer. There’s also a real biggie taboo thrown in but its a plot spoiler so you’ll have to read it for that.

Chris Hawk is a man desperate to prove his daughters innocence, desperate to believe her when no one else will. Everyone assumes she’s guilty as it looks an open and shut case. The motive is there and she’s been placed at the scene, and more to the point she had a gun in her hand. Whilst doing this he has to cope with the understanding why his wife left him and the confusing signals involved now that they have to deal with each other again. Chris is desperate not to see his family split further apart, whilst dealing with his own faults and those at the centre of the murder investigation.

The pages turned quickly enough, and it dragged me in with me finishing it within four days. The plot was solid although I did see through it a little, but I didn’t see through the ending.

If I was going to be really nit picky, the finale was a bit Scooby Doo for me. Where the main baddy is involved in a conversation explaining everything where really he doesn’t have to. Its a hard trick to pull off in fairness and certainly didnt detract from the book itself.

A good read, recommended.

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