Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Action thriller set in Nebraska USA. High body count.

This is the fifteenth book in the Jack Reacher series, following on from 61 Hours, but it is a stand-alone story.
The Duncans, a local clan, who run a transporting company, terrorise the local farming community – until Reacher comes to town. He’s on his way to Virginia, but gets drawn into their lives, and the unsolved case of a missing eight year old girl some decades ago.
Add a motley crew of mobsters, a team of college-boy enforcers, and a mystery – Reacher cannot let go until he has resolved the case, and eliminated all the bad guys.
This Jack Reacher did not win my sympathy – he is too sadistic and mocking, even though the bad guys should have been locked-up, and the keys thrown away. The action ebbs and flows with constant scene changes that feels a little disjointed at times.
Lee Child has created an icon who is becoming a little rough around the edges, and starting to get stale. Can’t say it is one of my favourites – but who cares – every Reacher fan will buy it.

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