The Retribution by Val McDermid

Not one but two serial killers for the price of one. Hows that for value for money?

The Retribution is Val McDermid‘s twenty-fifth novel in twenty five years and its protagonists are DCI Carol Jordan and police profiler Tony Hill, who have appeared in six previous books, including Wire In The Blood, which was made into a highly successful television series.

Wire In The Blood also  gave us the first appearance of Jacko Vance, a super-intelligent  serial killer who escapes from prison early on in The Retribution and very sharply decides to take gruesome revenge against Jordan and Hill, who have enough problems dealing with another serial killer and the disbanding of their special police task force.

Police procedurals and serial killer stories don’t normally blow my skirt up too much. And I haven’t read any of the previous Jordan/ Hill books, or seen the Wire In The Blood TV series.

I do, however, like Val McDermid – her novel The Distant Echo is a great favorite of mine – and I did really enjoy The Retribution, which is tense, gripping,touching and choc full of quirky and interesting characters that move the story along at a hell of a pace.


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