The Gift of Death by Sam Ripley

Murder mystery set in Los Angeles. Horrific.

The story follows the lives of Dr Kate Cramer, forensic artist now photographer, and others drawn together by their involvement in the case of a long dead serial killer, Bobby Gleason. As gruesome events start to happen to all of them, it appears that the killer has returned.
Josh Harper, a detective – and Kate’s ex-lover, is assigned to the latest case, much to her anguish. Kate conceived on the day he dumped her for a new partner, and it hurts. This relationship conflict is ongoing throughout the story.

The ‘back from the dead’ serial killer is chilling, an evil character with a twisted sense of morality, but he is being hunted by an unknown vigilante who tries to orchestrate his downfall at the hands of his victims’ families.

Kate is determined to banish her demons once and for all by eliminating Gleason’s spectre. Mix all these ingredients, add a few vulnerable characters, and the result is a frightening ride to a shocking conclusion.

This is a Kindle e-book economically priced at $2.99. Sam Ripley constructs an edgy read and two reviews are very positive. However, be aware of occasional typos and constant POV switches in scenes. To be fair, I expect that most readers would not notice these – or care. If this is not a concern, and you enjoy grisly horror scenes, then this novel would be for you.

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