The Stone Gallows, by C. David Ingram

A tale that rubs at the raw edge of failure, where the empathy of the reader is engaged in the hope that the lead character can somehow find a way out.

Cameron Stone is fighting a crowd of phantoms. When driving a police car at speed results in the death of a young mother and her baby, he is vilified by the force, the press and the public. But none of these can equal the disdain which he shows himself. To add to his despair, his partner leaves him and withholds access to their son.

In The Stone Gallows, C.David Ingram takes the reader into the harsher side of Glasgow, which is shown through the problems Stone faces as he tries to pull his life back into some sort of order. The job he has found working as a private detective for an ex-copper, depicts the violence and rough justice he used both in the police force, and which has stayed with him.

But as he attempts to lace the threads of his life back together, they keep unraveling, until he has to accept that he isn’t a victim of random events, but is being targeted. Stone’s life continues to worsen, until a way back is almost lost from view. Attacked by local thugs, trapped in a burning flat – life is giving Stone a right kicking. But then it manages to take it up a gear, and bring his worst nightmare to life.

C. David Ingram brings Glasgow to the reader with a real voice. I’ve spent an extensive amount time in the city over the last of couple of years, and the story felt true, and set squarely in the culture. The story is pacey, and while Stone is put through a hellish existence, it’s delivered in a way that makes it believable and dramatic at the same time. A great read that made me late for work because I kept wanting to read just one more page … then another … Highly recommended.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of thing!

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