The Drop by Michael Connelly

An accomplished police procedural with all the ingredients to satisfy fans of the genre

Detective Harry Bosch doesn’t want to retire, but he’s been put on the DROP – the Deferred Retirement Option Plan – and only has three more years until his retirement is enforced.

Keen to clear as many unsolved crimes before his three years are up, Bosch and his partner Chu take on a murder case from 1989, where the only lead is the DNA of a then eight year old boy. But they’ve only just got started, when Bosch’s well-connected (and long time nemesis) Councilman Irvin Irving makes an uncharacteristic request; asking Bosch to lead the investigation into the suspicious death of the Councilman’s son.


As Bosch and Chu dig deeper into both cases they unravel a tangled web of political conspiracy and a chilling pattern of murders stretching back over thirty years.

This double case police procedural focuses, as you might expect, on piecing together complex clues and solving the crime puzzles.  For me, it lacked in strong emotional depth, however alongside all the usual technical elements of the genre, it does show a man grappling with single parenthood of a teenage daughter, and the difficulties of starting a new romantic relationship when you can’t switch off your inner ‘cop’ – always looking for the ‘tell’.

This is the first of the Harry Bosch thriller series I’ve read, and it seemed to me that if you had a crime you wanted investigating Harry would be the person you’d want on the case.  He’s a well drawn character with a sharp mind, great eye for detail, and a dogged determination to get to the truth – all essential skills for a detective.

Connelly’s writing puts you deep into Bosch’s world, like an unseen shadow peeking into his life.  If police procedural stories are your thing, this won’t disappoint.

The Drop will be published on 27th October 2011



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2 Responses to The Drop by Michael Connelly

  1. Nick says:

    Top notch crime fiction. I’ve been waiting awhile for this release. Early November in the states. If this is your first one you might want to go back to ‘The Black Echo’. The first in the Bosch series. Happy reading.

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