Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

‘Death  has ripples’

‘Death is contagious’

Sarah is only a young a child when her father talks to her about death and she is haunted by its spectre all of her life.

In fact, Sarah is not the only one of the characters in Steve Mosby’s brilliant Still Bleeding to have felt death’s ripples.

Her close friend Alex Connor, for instance, has been living in self-imposed exile since his wife’s shocking death. But he is propelled back to England when he learns that Sarah has been murdered. And his brother has confessed to the killing.

And then there’s Paul Kearney, a homicide detective, who is working on a serial killer case in which women are kidnapped and drained of their blood. Kearney is a  man obsessed, brutalised by his work.

Both Conner and Kearney dig deep into the underbelly of society and eventually their investigations intertwine in a gripping story with some great twists and turns.

Still Bleeding is a powerful novel that gives you a great story, wonderfully atmospheric writing, realistic characters and a whip crack pace. And more than a few emotional whallops, too!



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2 Responses to Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

  1. Barb Ettridge says:

    This sounds really interesting, Paul. Another one to get hold of.

  2. thomas armes says:

    I must be a bit slow… I know but…….

    Was it Mr X who killed Paul Kearney in the end ???
    Who was livng in that old house at the end , Mr X or had Kearney been living there ????

    If Mr X is still alive , will there be a follow up book ???

    Really need to know !


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