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"I have completed courses with the Writer’s Bureau, Writers Forge, Open University, and more and I can say that this was the one I learnt the most from. The teachers were exceptional." Gavin Tomlinson (More feedback)

Creative Writing Flying Start

For those who long to write but arent sure where to begin. This is a short creative writing course which aims to shed light not just on narrative, but on the whole creative process. Our Creative Writing Flying Start course helps get those words from head to heart, and onto page or screen.

This fantastic creative writing course, will help you:

  • Lose some inhibitions about going public with your creative work
  • Find out more about the creative process by offering comments on the work of others
  • Learn some techniques for communicating emotion in your writing
  • Practise putting into words your own precise observations of people and places 
  • Have a shot at writing a 1,000 word short story in which you'll be able to put on show all your newly-acquired skills!
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Duration: 4 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Online | Price: £245.00

The WW Writers' Springboard

The course will run over a six-week period and involve one creative writing tutor as the main point of student contact. There will also be an industry professional, such as a literary agent, attached to the course who will be available to advise the students on industry matters during the closing week. The course will be taught online,with the participants having access to written and video tutorials, a private course forum and the Word Cloud facility on the Writers’ Workshop site. When complete, writing exercises will be posted in the private group forum to allow for constructive group feedback and analysis as well as feedback from the course tutor.

A reading list of recommended texts and those used in the teaching will be available to the participants prior to the start of the course.

By the end of the module participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the major features of the prose narrative fiction literary form.
  2. Recognise key ingredients of narrative prose writing: namely description/setting;character and character arcs; voice and point of view; conflict; plot arcs and story structure. 
  3. Understand how these ingredients are brought together to produce effective pieces of written work.
  4. Analyse how different strategies and techniques can be used to achieve different effects.
  5. Use this knowledge to create a  2,500 word short story or opening chapter of  your novel

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Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: Anyone, any level | Location: Online | Price: £365.00

Self-Editing Your Novel

So you've completed your novel or are close to doing so. So what next? This course is designed to give you the self-editing skills you need to ensure your novel is as good as it possibly can be, before you start pitching to agents. The exercises and feedback will mainly be based on your own novel, so you can see how to apply our advice specifically to your book.

By the end of the course you will:

* Understand how to analyse and deconstruct your first draft.

* Possess all the tools you need to ensure narrative drive, strong voice and characters etc are in place.

* Know how to write stunning prose.

* Have a clear plan that will enable you to create a final draft to maximise your chance of success, whether you're submitting to agents or self-publishing.

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Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: Intermediate | Location: Online | Price: £495.00

Picture Books

Do you long to write Picture Books that engage and delight young children but don't know where to begin?  Don't worry. If you long to write, you're already halfway there. This is a course which aims to introduce you to the key skills and techniques required for this specialist area of writing.

Learn how to write stories for children aged two to seven. Get the low down on the formats and markets for picture books and young reader books Picture Books are a child's first contact with the world of books, so this market is always looking for new, quality writing that stimulates young readers.

On our Picture Books writing course you will learn:

* To understand your audience for Picture Books

* How to refine your writing to suit your audience

* How layout is important

* How to work text and pictures and book design together for dramatic effect

* To understand the market

* How best to approach publishers and agents

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Duration: 4 weeks | Aimed at: All levels | Location: Online | Price: £245.00

Writing For Children

This "How to write for children" course is designed for beginners keen to get to grips with this most wonderful of writing arts.

Childrens fiction may look easy at first glance - but a lot of skill goes into creating that sense of ease. We'll show you just how childrens fiction works, and this course will give you essential tools that will help you produce compelling stories for a young audience. If youve always wanted to write for children but felt daunted by the challenge, this is the course for you.

Learn how to write for children - and discover:

  •  Where you can find the inspiration for your stories 
  •  What childrens publishers are really looking for
  •  How you can turn a simple premise into a full-length story
  •  What developing your voice really means
  •  How you can create characters children will want to identify with
  •  How you can build worlds your readers will recognise

It will open a window onto the world of childrens publishing and give you the tools you need to begin producing compelling stories for a young audience.

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Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: All levels | Location: Online | Price: £365.00

Creative Non-Fiction

This course will help you learn the techniques and strategies to develop a quality work of non-fiction. It provides an insight into the art of writing non-fiction - from life writing and creative non-fiction, to humour and popular reference via journalism and criticism. It will help you develop, test and really work your ideas. It will show you how to hone in on your subject, structure your manuscript and nail your pitch.


You don't need to have any prior creative writing experience - most of our students don't.

We'll find out what works for you. We'll explore how you can best express yourself and say exactly you want to say. Whether you start the course with a definite idea, or without a clue about what you are going to write, by the end of six weeks you'll have a solid platform to  help you take your project from inception to completion.

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Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: All levels | Location: Online | Price: £365.00


This screenwriting course is designed for anyone wanting to write a script for film or TV. You don't need any prior experience - just a burning desire to tell a story with pictures. On completing the course, writers should have all the writing tools they need to complete a compelling and engaging 1st draft of their chosen script.

On this course you will learn:

* The difference between story and plot

* The importance of research

* How to create engaging characters

* The dos and don’ts of dialogue

* Writing a captivating first ten pages

* And how to deal with critical, constructive feedback

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Duration: 4 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Online | Price: £245.00

Daren King's Complete Novel Course

The course is completely one to one. It's really a course of systematic mentoring to take you from first idea all the way through to third draft - and in the company of someone who really, really knows what they're doing. The course is tailored to your specific writing needs and areas you want to develop. Some authors start only with an idea, others have already written several drafts. The course consists of PARTS ONE & TWO, each part has a fee of £1250.

PART ONE covers an intensive preparatory process, focusing on: (1) developing a prose style that is right for the book you're writing. (2) building up from a single sentence synopsis of the story to a detailed plan for the entire book. Several course handouts, outlining broad and little-known principles and concepts, to get you started. Interactive process of exchange on prose and plot. Once you're happy with both elements of phase 1, you will be asked to go away and write your novel. If you need help along the way, then Daren will be around to assist, but you should find that you have a toolkit that takes you straight through to a complete first draft 

Once you're happy with both elements of phase 1, you can either go away and write the entire first draft or submit chapters as you write them, enabling you to learn as you go along,

You will only be allowed to proceed to PART TWO once Daren and you are both happy with the results of PART 1. The second payment of £1250 will become due at this stage

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Duration: 52 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Home | Price: £1250.00