The WW Book of the Festival 2012

Written by you, edited by Debi Alper

You're a writer, aren't you? So write!

And that you did! Now after months of waiting we've finally assembled the book of the Festival, 2012. A truthful, warm, useful, funny, and intelligent collage of last year's event. The book has been edited by Festival demi-god, Debi Alper - but it's has been written by YOU.

"I knew from the beginning that I wanted the book to be a gift to the lovely people who make the festival so special. It could showcase their writing and be something they could mention in their CVs and in covering letters to agents. I wanted the book to appeal to everyone who had been there, as a way of bringing back the memories, but also to have a wider readership.

And that's exactly what we've ended up with. The bulk of the book is made up of blogs, articles, poems, writing tips and other insights by some of the many talented delegates at York. There's also a section by some of the professionals who appeared at York 2012 and another featuring interviews with many of the agents who were there.

I'm really excited about this! When I floated the idea to the audience at York, I began by saying, 'You're all writers, right? Well, we can't guarantee that all of you will eventually land a publishing deal, but we can offer you all the opportunity to have your words appear in a book." Debi Alper

Well, the e-version of that book is now complete and available here. So enjoy! And a big thank you to everyone that contributed to both this and the Festival itself. What an extraordinary event it is - and one that owes its unique combination of friendliness & seriousness to you, the wonderful delegates themselves. So thank you.

Debi Alper is the author of six novels, the first two of which Nirvana Bites and Trading Tatiana, were published by Orion to critical acclaim. Debi spends a lot of time concentrating on helping other writers to perfect their novels through critiques, mentoring, Book Doctor sessions and creative writing workshops. Debi edits in all genres and several authors that she has worked with have been signed up with agents and gone on to see their books published.