Win a Strange Death

Those nice and capable people over at Orion are giving away a dozen proof copies of my forthcoming THE STRANGE DEATH OF FIONA GRIFFITHS. (That’s the third in the series if you, like me, have troubles keeping count.) All you need to do to claim yours is head off to this twitter photo and do as it says. And yes, it’s very nice to be called a star-in-the-making, even if only as part of a promotional campaign.

For what it’s worth, I think STRANGE DEATH is up there with the most favourite of my fictional children and that’s despite its having what is, I’m sure, the worst elevator pitch of any novel ever written:

A book about payroll fraud set in the world of commercial office cleaning.

Bad, huh? Bill Massey, my editor at Orion, agrees with me that you don’t get many worse pitches than that, but then again points out that you could also say that the book could be described as:

Fiona Griffiths goes undercover to infiltrate one of the most ambtitious – and dangerous – criminal organisations ever encountered. As she juggles her real and fictional identity, her mental equilibrium – never robust – starts to disintegrate.

Either way, I adored writing this novel and Fiona revelled in it too. Go get yourself a proof copy from Orion, and let me know what you think! Oh and if you want our thoughts on elevator pitches, you’ll find em here.

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