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Plot, Pace and Punch: What Crime Writers Can Teach the Rest of Us

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‘You write well,’ Harry Bingham told me. ‘But your plot is a mess.’ This was a telephone conversation I had with Harry in 2014 after coming second in AM Heath’s Criminal Lines competition. Although it was hard to hear it, … Continue reading

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From Madonna to Publication – a writer’s journey

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A guest post from Julie-Ann Corrigan, describing her journey from the Festival of Writing to publication. More details about Julie-Ann at the bottom of this post. After years of saying (if only to myself) that I wanted to write, finally … Continue reading

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London Creative Writing Courses & Classes

Friday 24th June: Point-of-view: The Writer’s Invaluable Friend. Tickets Only £45 Point-of-view may be one of the less frequently discussed elements of the novelist and short story writer’s process, but there’s no doubt that it’s also one of the most … Continue reading

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Isabel Costello’s debut novel Paris Mon Amour was released in June 2016 in digital and audiobook. She also hosts the Literary Sofa blog, where you can find her selection of recommended Summer Reads 2016.  Isabel attended the The Writers’ Workshop … Continue reading

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The Roller-Coaster Route by Jane Davis

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There’s a graphic that regularly does the rounds. It’s made up of two graphs. The first goes under the caption, ‘what you think your career will look like’ and it’s upwards all the way. The caption for the second is … Continue reading

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From Critique to Book Launch – Kate Armstrong looks back on the journey

It was 2013. Summer. I was a nervous management consultant who had once, a long time ago, been an English student. I was opening The Writers’ Workshop report on the draft of my first novel. I’d sent it off for … Continue reading

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Diversity in genre fiction

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When is a book ‘not Asian enough’? There’s been a lot of discussion about diversity in publishing lately – a lot of people lament the fact that there aren’t enough diverse characters in fiction. There is diversity in the people … Continue reading

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A Guest Post from Novelist Allie Spencer. Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? Alongside ‘are your characters based on real people?’, ‘don’t all writers earn shed-loads of money?’ and if, like me, you are in the rom com market: ‘would you like to write a proper … Continue reading

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Bless their pretty brown heads

Diversity in publishing – another low. We invited a guest blog recently on the woeful absence of diversity in publishing. Our sister site, Agent Hunter, published data on ethnic diversity among literary agents that suggests perhaps only 2-3% of the industry … Continue reading

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Amazon, spam and the biggest slushpile in history.

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(Subtitle: What would Google do?) (Series title: A spam-filled, junk-rich, keyword-dense post of suspense, intrigue, mystery and spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.) You know the issue. You enter a perfectly ordinary search term into Amazon – a term that seeks a quality … Continue reading

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Diversity in Publishing (clue: it would be quite nice)

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Diversity in publishing has been a hot topic in industry for some time, not least because we had a good old yell about it over on Agent Hunter. But, despite some much overdue attention, very little has changed. Publishing was and … Continue reading

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Is Kindle Direct (KDP) still the best self-publishing platform?

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A week ago we posted a blog from Guest Poster, David Lieder of Author Wing. In that post, he made the claim that Kindle Direct – the Amazon self-pub platform – was no longer the best platform for indie authors. … Continue reading

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How To Self-Publish Successfully: 10 Things People Are Told – truth or myth?

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Most Writers’ Workshop clients want, as a primary goal, to get an agent and then a traditional publisher – and as you probably know, we’re quite good at helping people do just that. But these days, more than ever, writers … Continue reading

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Jo Ely: How The Writers’ Workshop helped ‘Stone Seeds’

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I’d had a couple of short stories published in magazines and one book anthology (Woven Tale Press, Chief Ed Sandra Tyler), I’d been Shortlisted for the Fish short story prize, I’d written reviews, mostly for the Empathy Library. But my … Continue reading

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Reading for others: one writer’s experience

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There are loads of techniques for improving your writing (and, crucially, self-editing) ability. One such technique is critiquing other writers’ work – normally, though not always, on a reciprocal basis. As anyone who’s used the Writers’ Workshop editorial services knows, … Continue reading

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