The Whole World – in a Box

We at the Writers’ Workshop want lots of things. We want to have some fun, to organise superfabulous events, to see people get agented and published – but most of all, the thing we love best in the world is seeing people get better as writers.

Everything. In a box.

Everything. In a box.

And of course it’s nice when “get better as writers” involves some huge traditional deal or some extraordinary self-pub success. And we’re lucky enough to have helped plenty of authors achieve dreams like those.

But really, we’re just as happy when a not-terribly-good manuscript becomes a really-quite-decent one. Or when a writer struggling with self-doubt feels energised and empowered by something we’ve been able to help with.

And here’s the thing:

The things we say and do are very repetitive.

That’s not because we’re boring or unimaginative. It’s because good plotting requires certain disciplines. Strong characterisation involves applying the right techniques. Even good prose writing depends on a few clear principles, that aren’t affected by genre, or subject, or theme, or author, or anything else.

So everything we do – the editorial feedback, the courses, the events, everything – is aimed at conveying those principles as clearly and helpfully as possible.

But of course, all these approaches have their disadvantages. Not everyone can get to events. Not everyone likes online courses. And so on.

So what if we could put all our principles, techniques, tools and tips in a box and make them available to everyone, everywhere?

As soon as we had that idea, we realised we just had to do it.

Nice boots. But do they fit?

Nice boots. But do they fit?

And more than that: the trouble with buying stuff, sight unseen, is that you’re always worried you’re going to be taken for a ride. That the boots won’t fit. The coat won’t look right. You’ll change your mind.

So we thought: we should give away a huge chunk of stuff for free. Let people try on the boots. Check themselves out in the mirror.

And we thought – screw some seven-day refund policy. Or any niggly, annoying, hard-to-follow returns policy. We thought: we should just offer a full, thirty-day, satisfied-or-your-money-back, no niggles, no hassles refund policy. We should make it easy to take this car for a test ride.

So I know what you’re thinking:

Enough with the metaphors. Enough with the pictures of planets-in-boxes. What are we actually talking about?

We’re talking about a brand new video course that tells you everything we know – pretty much – on How To Write a Novel.

Everything you want. In a box. (If you think of your computer as a box.)

Everything you want. In a box. (If you think of your computer as a box.)

We’ve bent over backwards to make it as good as we possibly, possibly can. That means making sure the technology is so user-friendly that your granny could drink two tumblers of gin and still navigate the thing.

It means keeping it bright and clear and fun and interesting.

But most of all, it means giving you incredibly clear and reproducible techniques for writing well. Those exact same techniques have helped me – Harry Bingham – to become a bestselling, fulltime, professional author with a load of trad deals behind me, plus TV adaptations, prize shortlists and the rest.

There is absolutely no reason why YOU can’t learn and assimilate those techniques. They’re nothing strange, or difficult, or questionable. They’re not specific to me or my genre. They’re just the tramlines down which 99% of all novels proceed.

And you can learn them.

And if you can’t – if the course doesn’t work for you – well, we’ll refund your money. Every last penny. And we’ll give you a ton of stuff for free upfront, to keep no matter what.

Which sounds good, right?

In fact, you’re probably thinking: so when can I get my hands on all this brilliant free stuff?

watch-this-spaceWell – soon, is the answer. We’ve still got a few IT-ish things to do. A couple of films to finish. Some final details to sort out.

We won’t have everything ready by Christmas. (But who wants more presents at Christmas anyway? The New Year is the season of must-finish-that-damn-novel.)

So this post is really just to say – watch this space.

We’ve been working hard. We think we have something great for you. We’re going to give you a ton of free stuff, and make it zero-risk for you to purchase the rest if you want  to.

As soon as we can, we’ll present the whole damn thing. We think it’s fab. We hope it’s fab. The whole world of writing. In a box.

Want to be alerted when we’re ready? Then – if you’re not already on our mailing list – you probably want to sign up now.

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  • I am so excited by this news and can’t wait to see what’s in the box! Amazing idea. Well done Harry and team xx

  • David M Hinds

    Dear Harry,
    Believe me, I am not a pushover, but I am ready to sign up by as soon as you got the stuff ready. By the way, although I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, you are a real star in the field of literary genius, quite apart from your own writing, but what you have achieved with Writers Workshop.

    I had a legitimate complaint with one small aspect of last year’s festival, but your staff was so professional and brilliant, but they put things right when I wanted to go to war. With just cause, you must be very proud of your team. I find myself using your editorial services more and more, and the critique I got via Nikki from Janet Lawrence is top-notch. I am very grateful to you, and you have every right to be very proud of what you have created for writers, and the team you have put together to deliver it.

    When you bring out the video, I’ll buy it because I trust you.

    Kind regards, and much respect,

    David M Hinds