Talking to the Dead competition – we have winners!

This is quite a nice book, y'know.

We’ve had hundreds of people entering our competition – and my ‘umble thanks, once again, to each and every one of you. Astonishingly, virtually everyone told us that Cardiff was the correct answer. We have our Special Ops team looking into allegations of cheating right now, but in the absence of proof to the contrary, we’re going to assume that you’re all just unusually gifted people.

This morning, we’ve downloaded the email address of every entrant into a jumbo spreadsheet, cranked up our random number generator (and thank you, Bill Gates, for making that easy) and selected some winners. They are:

Full price Festival ticket:
Lee Andrews

Lunch with myself and Orion’s Bill Massey:
Darrin Knight
Ian Coates
Safeena Chaudhry

Winners of Getting Published / How To Write:
Eileen Brown,Carl Ebdon, Nick Evans, Pam Gardner, Susie Helme, Emma Laskowski, Debby Lush, Wenonah Lyon, Lisa Marconi, Julie Noble, Kerry O’Grady, Ingrid Persaud, Luke Phillips, Lisa Rossetti, Dianna Rostad, Cordelia Salter, Victoria Seed, Rebecca Taylor, Karen Tinker, Keith Walters.

We’re going to contact all winners individually with the ‘what nexts’ – and will write to thank everyone who entered.

Oh, and if you didn’t enter and are wondering what all the fuss is about – well, it’s about Harry’s Talking to the Dead, a crime novel which is getting some very nice reviews. If you haven’t bought it already, don’t you think you should?

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