Roll over, Stephenie Meyer

Roll over, Stephenie Meyer

Roll over, Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Who?

WW client Tim O’Rourke is now as close as kiss-my-hand to toppling the Queen of Vampires off her perch.

The image (left) is taken straight from Amazon’s website – it’s the Kindle bestseller chart for “Children’s Love and Romance”.

Stephenie M occupies places #1 and #3. Tim occupies places #2 and #4 – and he’s closing the gap very fast indeed.

It’s hard to overstate his achievement. Yes, he is pricing his books more cheaply – but Stephenie M has huge publishing conglomerates behind her, a string of bestselling films and more. Tim has – well, his own talent, determination and market savvy. That’s it.

Massive congratulations to Tim. He’s proved that as a self-pub author these days, you can compete on level terms with the very biggest in the business. These are amazing times in publishing, and Tim’s success is a sign of things to come. You can buy his books online here if you’re a Brit or here if you’re a Yank. If you’re Irish, Aussie, Canadian or anything else – well, hell, you’ll just have to pick a side.


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