Pride of Authorship

On the whole, it’s a good policy for an author not to have to much invested in a particular piece, or a particular draft. Good writing involves a willingness to discard: to ditch an idea, to rethink an approach, to scrap a particular scene and start again.

But there are exceptions. Right now, I’m happy to tell you that this author has a lot of pride in a forthcoming production. Two little productions, indeed: for my wife and I are expecting twins, due some time in August.

To say we’re thrilled is undercooking it. We feel ridiculously lucky and blessed. And yes, I know that a pair of newborn twins is going to wreak havoc for a while. But bring it on. A little more havoc will be entirely welcome. I’m 45 years old and up for a bit of mid-life disruption.

Of course, the one sacred duty of a crime writer is produce one novel a year, come hell, high water, or a houseful of screaming newborns. Quite how that is going to work, I don’t quite know, but what the hell. The twins are a-coming. My life is going to change. And I’m delighted.

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  • Congratulations! What marvellous news. I get the feeling the havoc is going to be worth it somehow. Novels can wait! Bless you all.

  • This is such great news! Congratulations. In a year’s time, you won’t be able to remember a life BC.

  • Skylark

    Wow!Wow!Wow! HUGE congratulations. Let the chaos begin – hehehe 😀

  • What wonderful, life changing news for you both… congratulations.

  • Oh, Harry.

    That’s wonderful news. I’m so very pleased for you both.

    Having babies was simultaneously the very best and the very worst thing I ever did. But the good stuff way outweighs the bad.



  • Lovely news! Enjoy!

  • Harry, Debi has just drawn my attention to this – many congratulations! Lovely news!

    However, a word of advice from a mother of five: Write that novel NOW, before arrival date. Afterwards, the first few weeks of sleepless night will leave you too exhausted to think straight. Trust me!