New season, new look

The WW website has – we know it! – become a little dowdy over the years. What started as a nice new look has become a little too muddled and cluttered as we’ve tried to shove too much in. What’s more, the site was designed for the Age of the PC, an era which now seems as remote the the Age of the Dinosaur.

So we’re sprucing up. We’ve actually been out and spent some real dosh on a real web designer who came up with a design that looks gorgeous and modern and easy to use and will work on phones and tablets and PCs and Macs and (probably) grand pianos and papyrus scrolls and cuneform bricks and odd bits of Celtic wood-carving. Strange to say it, though we’ve had plenty of IT-help over the years, this is the first time we’ve paid for actual designery design: in the past, everything’s been more than a tad home-made. The difference is, ahem, remarkable.

You will, I know, love the new look, because it is infinitely better than the current one. But do be aware that we have lots of bits and pieces to stitch together. (This blog runs on WordPress, the main site on something else, the Word Cloud community on something else again.) The consequence is that, starting from this evening, there may be 48 hours or so of weird and wonderful special effects happening. If things look weird, or crash, or if the entire Internet is temporarily (and inadvertently) deleted, please just stay calm. We know about it and we’ll be on the case fixing it.

In the meantime, please remember to back up the Internet, check your house insurance, turn off all electronic devices, and attach your spouse and childen to a secure structure using strong, waterproof tape. Any turbulence won’t last for long. We’ll see you on the other side.

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  • I am looking forward to the day when the upgrade filters through to MEAN STREETS! The site need serious upgrading and TLC. Reviewers cannot even upload the book-cover images, which seriously detracts from the value of the reviews and the visit frequency.