Multiple Congratulations

More ridiculously vast and wonderful torrents of good news.

Gideon Roberton (whom some of you will remember from the Festival) has signed up with Piers Blofeld at Sheil Land. Piers will be seeking to sell Gideon’s book asap. Gideon had input from WW editor, Rob Dinsdale, a little while back, came to the Festival, met Piers … and let’s hope for a tremendously positive outcome from publishers.

Geoff Gudgion has also been taken on by Sheil Land (Ian Drury is the agent). Ian took just 12 days to request the full manuscript, then just 6 to offer representation. Fabulous news. That girl Debi was Geoff’s WW editor. Is it me, or does Debi seem to have a scarily good track record?

Hilton Pashley who was taken on by David Headley following the Festival has sold his work to Random House which is fabulous, fabulous news. I’ve read Hilton’s work and he’s got easily enough talent to really make a career out of hs writing. The wonderful Fay Sampson was HP’s first editor and she was always a strong supporter of his work.

And then of course, I do really need to repeat-mention the lovely people who took a bow at the Getting Published day on Saturday. Gorgeous person #1: Shelley Harris, whose Jubilee is coming out on Dec 29th. Fab person #2: Dania el-Kadia, whose Summer Blast is a #1 bestseller in her native Lebanon. Wonderful person #3: Barry Kirwan whose The Eden Paradox has just launched with SF indie press, Summertime. He sold a heap of books at the GP day and hope he sells heaps more through all outlets before he’s done.

Massive congratulations to one and all – the WW editors, the agents and very much most of all the writers. It just shows, success truly is possible.

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