Literary Agents Listings Directory

I’ve left this post up as a kind of historic record. But it’s all old hat now. If you really want to find a useful list of UK literary agents then trot along to Agent Hunter. It’s the best thing since buttered toast and bacon.

Just a very quick post to say that we’ve created a spreadsheet with all UK literary agents listed on it. The spreadsheet:

  • Opens in Google Docs, so it’s accessible by anyone;
  • Can be saved and customised on your PC, so you can use it to develop your own agent hunting strategy;
  • Lists all agencies;
  • Includes website links for easy access;
  • States what work is and is not accepted by the agency;
  • Highlights those agencies who have accepted work from the Writers’ Workshop and/or who have attended one or (usually) more of our events.

It should be a lovely little tool for people. If you’ve got ideas for improvements / additions, please let us know. You can find out more here.

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  • Huge appreciation to the blogs that are coming in thick and fast from yourselves. Looking forward to the Festival in Sept 2012…damn wish it was sooner!
    I am working hard to perfect my novels and am still gunning for the Traditional route.