How To enter publishing: a cheat’s guide

A lot of writers have an interest in careers in the publishing industry – and indeed, it’s not at all uncommon for editors to dabble in writing themselves. But securing entry into publishing is as hard as it’s ever been, perhaps even harder.

Perhaps that won’t bother you if you’re a graduate with parents who can subsidise you through an unpaid internship, but if not, help is at hand: an outfit called Whitefox (which sinfully refuses to capitalise that W, but I refuse to kow-tow) is running free seminars on what publishers are after and how to deliver the goods. Your host for the evening is Annabel Wright, an ex-HarperCollins editor whom some of you will have met at the Festival of Writing a couple of years back. She’s great, and the line-up she’d put together is also very strong.

This is the first one of these events that they’ve run and they’re keen to spread the word. If you do go and enjoy it, then do let us know. Indeed, if you go and would care to blog about your experience, we’d be pleased to host you. It seems to me like a very promising initiative. More blurb from Whitefox below. (Oh, and if you want to book, do follow the link below, don’t call us! And if you want to get published rather than be a publisher, you’re on the wrong page, silly. You should be here.)

Today whitefox, the UK’s largest curated publishing services network, is proud to announce the launch of a series of talks and workshops for students and recent graduates who would like to find work in and around the publishing industry. The first event, which will be free to attend, will focus on working with writers in editorial roles, one of the industry’s most competitive sectors. This will be held on the 24th October at the whitefox offices in Shoreditch.

The programme was conceived as a response to the enormous competition for certain key skills within a rapidly changing publishing industry. Many large publishing houses now receive up to 250 applications per entry-level position, with unpaid internships increasingly seen as a necessary route in.

Hosted by Annabel Wright (co-founder of whitefox and former senior editor at HarperCollins), the first event will involve a glass of wine and discussion with senior editorial figures from Serpent’s Tail, Quercus, John Murray and Aurum Press, and will cover careers advice, an introduction to the way publishing works and guidance on the practical skills candidates should look to develop. Attendees to the event will also be provided with an exclusive whitefox publishing pack, including a guide and glossary to publishing, and tips and advice from selected professionals across the industry.

To sign up, visit Limited places are available. To join our mailing list for future events, contact

John Bond, co-founder of whitefox, said:

“We all know that publishing is changing; we know that there are limited internships and work placements available and even fewer places on graduate training schemes. So we’re interested in exploring alternative ways of mentoring people who are interested in the industry and of providing them with opportunities to gain experiences and insight – which can too often feel like the preserve of a privileged few. We see the workshops as an opportunity for some of the talented people within the system to feed their experiences and practical skills directly to those who see their futures supporting the content creators of tomorrow.”

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