Happy New Year!

We launched this blog in 2011 and it’s been a huge success: we’ve had some wonderful contributors, some wonderful comments, a terrific readership and (um) the odd argument.

But please help us find more readers. If you have a blog or website, then just insert a link to us, let us know when you’ve done so and we will send you a FREE copy of Getting Published. If you want us to write a guest post for your blog, we’ll do that for you too.

Meantime, we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas – and have a wonderful 2012. Wishing agents and book deals for you all.

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  • Julia Fursdon

    Thank you for the useful advice. I will write more carefully in future.

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  • Hi I am an aspiring illustrator/ author and happened across your site while searching for advise on get picture books published. May well try your children’s writing course next month and eventually send you my first picture book for advice. Thanks for offering an interesting service. I have recommended your site on my blog – http://www.rockdavisillustration.com x

  • Mrs Rosemary Ruth Allen

    I live in sw France, and I am having trouble finding a literary agent that specialises in both humerous narrative poetry and novels> Do you have any ideas? Also, how much does it cost to have my work edited? I have written two books, but have never submitted anything, as yet.

  • Harry

    Hi Rosemary, there’s not much of a market for humorous narrative poetry, so don’t be surprised if agents aren’t thrilled by that option. They probably figure they won’t be able to sell it. But pretty much any agent will have an interest in novels.
    In terms of the cost of editing your work, we can happily help. Just go to our feedback page to find out more about what we offer. Or email us, attaching the novels themselves, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

  • Lorraine Joanne Ward

    The Word Cloud is great for Advice and anything else you want to know about writing etc. There are always people there who will help or comment on any problems etc.