Do you love your publisher?

This survey is now closed to responses. Our deep thanks to all who contributed. [Comment added Sunday 20 May.]

As the industry evolves, it has become possible – arguably for the first time in history – for authors to detach themselves from publishers. Traditional publishers are, it’s true, still the only realistic way for authors to get their work into bookshops to any meaningful extent. But anyone with a computer can now sell their work on Amazon – and Amazon offers royalty rates that are vast in comparison with anything offered by traditional publishers.

So, if you’re an author, how do you react? Do you stick or twist? We’ve posted a survey here. We genuinely want your views, good, bad or sideways.What do publishers do well? What do they do horribly? What would you like to say to your publisher?

We’re going to seek as many responses as possible, then we’ll publish the results. We’ll also communicate them directly to the trade on your behalf. So please click through to our survey and let rip. Be utterly honest. We want your truth. Oh – and if you can blog / tweet about this survey, then please do. We want as many responses as possible.

Please note: this survey is only open to traditionally published authors. If the exercise is a success, we’ll do something similar for self-pub and e-pub authors in due course.

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