Congratulations to …

We’ve been a bit slack recently at posting congratulations notices here and, shamefully, I know that we haven’t been giving a shout-out to some people who have hugely deserved it. But, by way of partial catch-up, a huge WW congratulations to:

Valerie Mendes whose Larkswood has been sold to Orion as part of a two-book deal. Take a bow, David Headley, who agented this. And take a bow, Debi, for being the editorial guru on this. In a fierce climate for new manuscripts, this is a wonderful achievement.

Eve Kimmerling whose After The Wedding has just gone to Scottish indie publisher, Sandstone. Eve came to Daren King for his one-to-one mentoring course just three years ago as a complete newbie and she’ll be in print this time next year. That’s a huge achievement, so well done Eve and well done Daren.

Pip Jones, who got representation from Julia Churchill. Julia asked us to sponsor her Greenhouse Funny Prize and we were delighted to do so, but we were extra-extra delighted that a WW client went on to win it. Many of you will have met Pip at the Festival, and she’ll go on to great things, I’m sure.

Also congrats to Roy Walker, who had hardly been at the Festival for 24 hours before Juliet Mushens had offered representation. Congratulations to Roy – and I know that Juliet was absolutely beaming with delight.

Cath Bore, a WW Festival-goer last year, secured an agent for her work – and not just any old agent, but Caroline Michel, the boss of PFD, who is both one of the best known agents in the trade and known to be the one with the most glamorous footwear. (I had an editor once who learned her craft under Caroline M. She had nothing but praise for her talents, and nothing but envy for her glamour.) Cath, congrats on that success, and we’re sure you’ll go from strength to strength.

And, gulp, everyone else. Unfortunately, I know we’ve missed some names here and I apologise for that. If we’ve neglected you unfairly, please put it down to my own chaotic disorganisation. (Laura normally keeps things in check, but she’s had one or two other things to do recently.) There were huge numbers of people at the Festival where agents were asking to read the full MS. Worth a particular mention are:

Simon Jones, who won the United Agents opening chapter comp. Well done to him. Also to Hilary McCollum and Kate Johnson, both runners up.

Anand Nair, who won the Friday Night Live comp – deep respect to her. Also worth a mention, Anne Corlett, one of the runners-up there. I heard Anne’s work being very favourably discussed by agents, and I’m certainly hoping for a good outcome in due course. Helen O’Keeffe and Desmond Astley-Cooper were both in the mix too. Well done to them. And indeed to ALL our shortlisted names from both comps. There are high standards for these things and success or near-success registers with agents. (Something that even Caroline Michel took care to mention, when she took on Cath.)

If I’ve missed a name, let me know – but in general, monster congratulations to anyone who completes a novel and works hard at making it better. You’re proper writers too. Well done.

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  • Skylark

    Massive congratulations to you all! And congratulations too to the WW team who put on such a brilliant Festival 🙂