Bloodstained congratulations to Mark Roberts, whose Crimson Harvest has just sold (via Peter Buckman) to Corvus / Atlantic Books. Atlantic is one of the bets-of-breed indies that are doing wonderfully well at the moment. I hope they turn Mark into a thoroughgoing bestseller. Congrats also to Mark’s WW editor – the person he calls “Saint Veronica Stallwood, Queen of Crime Fiction”. I’m not sure he can be right can he? Can you be a Queen and a saint? But I know what he means about Veronica’s gore-stained abilities.

Oh, and congratulations to – no, I can’t quite say it. It’s too soon. Let me just say that a Certain Writer I Know is talking to a Certain Agent I Know right now this minute and that I have a very good feeling about the outcome. I’ll tell you more as soon as I can …

… which turns out to be very soon indeed. The Certain Writer is John Taylor. The certain again is Juliet Mushens, and Juliet has just emailed me to say this:

Hi Harry, I’ve just met John, what a nice guy! I’ve decided to sign him and am looking forward to working with him on ‘The Blackbird Effect’ so thanks so much for sending it my way! Juliet.

We’re thrilled as thrilled could be. Which is very thrilled.

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