A host, a torrent, an unseasonal flood of congratulations. Take a blow, please:

Victoria Whitworth, whose The Bone-Thief, is coming out with Ebury Press, early in the New Year. Sophia Bartleet was the early editor on that, and I did a little work too yonks back. We loved the book even then and the concept – a tale about the theft of saintly relics in Anglo-saxon England – is just terrific. I hope the book does wonderfully well.

Mark Roberts, whose Crimson Harvest is being represented by Peter Buckman at Ampersand, and who has already secured publication deals in Italy and Germany. I’m sure the UK will be quick to follow. Peter lives close by WW Towers and a congratulatory pint of beer may be in the offing …

Catherine Cooper, who Geraldine Harris once urged to murder her child. (We’re fairly sure that the killing involved was a literary one, though the police are currently checking their databases. You can’t be too sure.) She’s working on her fourth novel in that series now. You can get a full look at her children’s fiction here. A particular thumbs up to Catherine, because she’s been dignified, calm and responsible throughout a recent nasty and public Bother With Attitude. We wish her every continuing success.


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  • John Taylor

    Many congratulations, Victoria, Mark, Catherine (guilty or not)… and Harry, of course. WW has a lot to be proud about at the moment.