Columbia Pictures? Piss off!

A strange thing happened to me yesterday. Got an email from an exec at Columbia Pictures. (That executive in reality: probably a spotty twenty-two year old crammed into a small desk next to the copying machine. That executive in fantasy: silver haired guy in a hot tub, along with two babes, an iced martini and a cigar longer than my arm.)

The email asked if the TV/film rights are available to TALKING TO THE DEAD, my upcoming crime thriller. And they’re not. We’ve sold em already, to a brilliant small London-based production company, Bonafide, who will, I think, do a fabulous job with the project.

Which meant we had to write back to Columbia, saying, erm, sorry but no. Gulp.

Bye bye, man-in-a-hot-tub. Hello, whatever Bonafide can come up with. These are exciting times for me, very exciting.

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  • Congratulations…and WOW! ; )

  • Julie-Ann Corrigan

    Fabulous, Harry! Will be able to say, ‘I spoke to him once …’
    Sure the big ‘C’ would have destroyed your story …
    Good luck and looking forward to a trip to the cinema!

  • Whisks

    Well that’s a bit jolly exciting, young Harry! Woo-flipping-hoo!
    When my turn comes, I too shall turn them down in solidarity with you. That’ll teach ’em to drag their toe.

  • Fantastic, Harry. That’s real hat-size-increasing stuff!

  • Well bloody done :^)
    I’ve heard that big movie companies like to buy options on books just in case, but that only a small minority even get produced as films. If that’s right, you may have just escaped death by option!

  • Heh. Even if they never make the movie…

    You Still Get Paid.

  • Johnny

    what was his email address?