Christmassy congrats

A quick pre-Xmas congratulations to Lucy Beresford, who’s been an editorial client of ours in the past, got an agent, got published – and even so chose to come back to the Festival of Writing, wanting to re-establish her career on slightly different lines. She’s just been in touch to say that she’s signed up with Juliet Pickering at AP Watt, who’ll be a wonderful agent for her, I’m sure. The story does show the importance of having an agent who understands who you are as a writer and who will be there for you and your career. Very best of luck to Lucy going forward.

Also, though, since we’ve got a snazzy new website and everything, why not get yourself over here and take a look at what is more or less a two year snapshot of WW successes. (Or rather, the successes we know about.) It’s a pretty damn impressive list. That’s partly because we’re very good at what we do, but it’s mostly because you’re very good at what you do. Congratulations to us all for that. And a very merry Christmas to one and all.


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