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Want to get published? You need to network… A guest post by Kerry Fisher

In 2010, the formidably efficient Susan Franklin rang the bell at the Festival of Writing and it was my turn to pitch my novel, The Class Ceiling, to an agent. An agent! A proper literary agent with the power to … Continue reading

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Telling clients they’re idiots (or when not to give up)

Here at the house of WW, we have a few ethical principles which we hold dear. We cherish all writers. We admire anyone who completes a full length novel and admire them even more if they’ve got some of their … Continue reading

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Why a best-selling traditional author chose to self-publish on the Amazon Kindle

A guest post by William Kowalski This is a tale of two worlds, two centuries, two distinct epochs in the history of publishing, and one author–that’s me–who stands with a foot planted firmly in each age, a devil-may-care grin on … Continue reading

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The 15 Most Common Mistakes in Writing Novels

Here at the Writers’ Workshop we see a lot of novels, many hundreds of them every year. And, on the whole, our clients are a pretty admirable and successful bunch. At a rough guess, the average writer has about a … Continue reading

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9 ways to persuade an agent to take you on (the only ones that matter)

I recently came across a useful article by Rachelle Gardner, an American agent, about how to get literary agents to represent you. She advertised 13 sure fire ways to get representation … but I have to say that not all … Continue reading

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Festival Success: A guest post from Deborah Install on how our Friday Night Live comp put her on the path to a six figure book deal.

I’d been to the Festival twice before, but this year (2013) was the first year I would be taking something I really believed I could market. So when I received an email saying I’d been selected to read out on … Continue reading

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Pip Jones on writing her series of children’s stories about an imaginary kitten called Squishy McFluff.

In August 2012 (having spotted the competition on the Writers Workshop website) Pip Jones won the inaugural Greenhouse Funny Prize, with her series of children’s stories about an imaginary kitten called Squishy McFluff. Two months later, she was offered a … Continue reading

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News Flash: A. M Heath launch a new crime writing prize open to unagented, debut authors.

Criminal Lines AM Heath in association with The Writers’ Workshop are delighted to announce Criminal Lines 2014, a new crime writing prize open to unagented, debut authors, born or resident in the UK and Ireland. If you’ve written a perfect … Continue reading

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More on Rejection Letters

Oh dear. Following our recent post about a Futerman & Rose rejection letter, which seemed to be encouraging a client to use the services of the very worst type of vanity publisher, I now learn that the habit runs a … Continue reading

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A rejection letter to avoid

Oh dear. Today, I came across a rejection letter from a, once half-decent, literary agency that ran in full like this: Dear John Many thanks for this. The writing is strong and the storyline intriguing. I have to tell you … Continue reading

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JK Rowling eats the universe

There’s an interesting (if gloomy) article here in the Guardian about the increasingly unbalanced nature of publishing – a world in which the huge mega-sellers dominate and space for ‘midlist’ authors  is ever thinner. The piece quotes agent Jonny Geller … Continue reading

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Warning: Attending the Festival Of Writing can seriously change your life. A guest post from Tor Udall

The truth is I was terrified. My comfort zone is a quiet room with only my characters and words for company, so the idea of spending three days with hundreds of writers I didn’t know felt challenging. Apart from having … Continue reading

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The first I ever heard of the York Festival was a success story, of Shelley Harris winning the Friday Night Live competition and landing an agent with her debut novel Jubilee. I’ve since got to know Shelley who isn’t just … Continue reading

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When indie publishers go traditional

Some of you will have encountered self-published author and digital guru, David Gaughran, at our Festival of Writing. David writes novels, but is perhaps best known for his Let’s Get Digital which remains probably the best guide to e-pub there … Continue reading

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A Guest post from Laurence O’Bryan.Traditional Publishing is Dead.

My third novel, The Manhattan Puzzle, will be published by Harper Collins October 10, 2013. But this is not a traditional puff piece about the novel. This is about my experiences being published by a major publisher in the second … Continue reading

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