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Critique Services

Good critique services are hugely valuable. Bad ones can be worse than useless. Bear in mind two things. First, professional authors all have their own ‘in-house’ critique service, via their literary agents and publishers (plus, quite likely, their own professional … Continue reading

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Getting a Novel Assessment

Getting a novel assessment can be a scary business. You can find out what an assessment involves here. And if you want to know where to get your novel assessed, you’ll find the answer right here. But this post looks … Continue reading

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Manuscript Evaluation – what to expect

Manuscript evaluation is the art and science of giving tough, constructive advice on a draft manuscript (typically, but not always, a novel). What you should expect is: an expert reviewer. In our view the only reviewers worth their salt are … Continue reading

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How to choose a literary consultant

Literary consultants are a fairly new phenomenon – they first came onto the scene about fifteen years ago – but they’ve radically altered the landscape for new writers. You certainly don’t need to use one … but at the same … Continue reading

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On Writing Fiction

Fiction is a matter of technique, but it’s also a matter of mindset. If technique is what you want to explore, then feel free to drift around the advice here or on this blog. But let’s spend a moment with … Continue reading

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What is creative writing in non-fiction?

‘Creative non-fiction’ is one of the trickiest terms in writing. Non-fiction means – duh! – being factual. Creative means – duh again! – using your imagination. Isn’t that a conflict? Well, actually, no. Think of non-fiction as a spectrum. At … Continue reading

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Character Writing Tips

What do readers want from character? They want entertainment. They want to feel empathy. Above all, they want your character writing to feel alive. Here are our three killer tips on how to achieve that. 1. Know your characters. A … Continue reading

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Fiction Writing Resources

Most new writers will find constructing a novel a daunting task – and if you’re not daunted, then you probably don’t have a realistic idea of what’s involved. Here’s our quick guide to the key issues and plenty of links … Continue reading

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Welcome to the WW House Blog

Welcome to the WW House Blog. We’re aiming to provide honest, expert advice from a variety of sources and voices within the industry. And if you ever have questions or need help, then just feel free to contact us at … Continue reading

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