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Revision, revision – Guest post by Tania Hershman

Tania Hershman is the Orange Prize commended author of The White Road and Other Stories. In 2011, her stories have appeared in numerous locations including the prestigious science journals, Nature and New Scientist. She runs the Short Review, a magazine … Continue reading

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What are publishers for?

In the digital world, everyone, arguably, is a publisher, so what are traditional publishers for? A lot of the things that publishers do can be (and quite often are) outsourced. So if you want cover design, copyediting, editorial work, typesetting, … Continue reading

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Brit Writers – a final word

A week ago, and after a surge of concern at the way the Brit Writers company operates in a number of areas, I posted these questions on this blog. I notified the company of those questions in advance and asked … Continue reading

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BWA Statement – full text

I promised that I would print in full any statement presented by the BWA. I have just this minute received one and the full text is reproduced below. I’ll comment at length – and I hope for the last time … Continue reading

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BWA Brit Writers – request for help

My previous post raised a number of questions to which I and others would like an answer. A national newspaper is currently investigating these matters and would like to speak to people who have direct experience of: Being shortlisted for … Continue reading

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BWA Brit Writers Awards – Some questions

The Brit Writers Awards sprang from a noble intention: a desire to honour and support new writers. Unfortunately, we have noticed  an increasing murmur of concern at some of the BWA’s business practices (for example here, here and here). As … Continue reading

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My Path To Publication – by Barry Kirwan

This is the first in an irregular series of pieces by WW alumni detailing their roads to publication. My (long and winding) eight year path to publication Barry Kirwan When I moved to Paris in the Spring of 2001, I … Continue reading

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The Advance Information Sheet

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Following a Whiskean query to my post on The Elevator Pitch, I thought I would let you know what an AI sheet looks like. It has to contain all these good things. And it looks like this: (image from Penguin … Continue reading

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Publishing via Amazon

Guest Blog from Andrew Wilson, writing as Sam Ripley. Every time I looked at the manuscript that sat on the shelves of my study I felt a sense of failure. The book – my second novel, The Gift of Death, … Continue reading

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How To Get Published on the Kindle

A client of ours recently sold his book internationally. He got good deals in the UK, Europe, China – and a nice five figure offer in the US, from a top class NY publisher. For various reasons, however, it looks … Continue reading

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Meeting Publishers

It’s not all that often that would-be authors get to meet publishers to pitch their work. Mostly, literary agents will take charge of sending your work out to publishers. Assuming that there’s interest in your work, publishers will come back … Continue reading

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Digital publicity for new authors

In the good old days, everyone knew how to carry out publicity. A few months before publication, you met with your publicist. You discussed various possible publicity angles (about the book, about your own story, and so on). Your publicist … Continue reading

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Selling in America

I’m involved at the moment with a non-fiction project for a Writers’ Workshop client. We’ve helped this person write a book that deals with the financial crisis – not just the one that exploded in 2008-09, but the one which … Continue reading

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How long does it take to sell a book?

Let’s assume you’ve got an agent. Let’s assume that you’ve done all the editorial work you need to do at this stage. Let’s assume your book is something that has potential global reach, whether fiction or non-fiction. In that case, … Continue reading

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Does it ever make sense to employ a ghostwriter?

Over the years, the Writers’ Workshop has handled a fair few ghostwriting projects. The best of these have been massively successful. We have: helped an internationally bestselling thriller writer refine and perfect his latest work; written a non-fiction proposal for … Continue reading

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