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The Road to Obscurity: Jon Spira’s Publishing Adventure Part One.

I wrote a book. I hadn’t ever written a book before. I had written a lot of other things, though. I worked for several years as a screenwriter, I’ve been an active blogger for more than a decade and, as … Continue reading

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Meet the Industry: Hodder & Stoughton’s Suzie Doore

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Suzie Dooré, Hodder & Stoughton Suzie is Editorial director at Hodder & Stoughton. Hodder & Stoughton is a major publisher within Hachette UK, one of the UK’s biggest publishing groups. They publish a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles … Continue reading

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An interview with George Mann

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George Mann is an author of fantasy-historical-detective stories, but he has also just edited Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of steampunk Sherlock Holmes tales. George talks to us about the collection and why he thinks it works. The book … Continue reading

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This Is Where The Magic Happens by William Kowalski

There’s a fine line, it seems, between being an active self-promoter and a complete pain in the ass to everyone who has the misfortune to be on your Facebook friend list.  I confess that although I’m a web-savvy dude who’s … Continue reading

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Self-pub covers

One of our long-standing gripes with self-pub has been that most self-pub covers look like self-pub covers. They have tended to look more visibly amateurish than the things you find in bookshops – and if you’re selling a product that … Continue reading

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More on Brit Writers

Sorry but, yes, here’s more. Following my recent post, I received the following email from another participant in the Brit Writers’ horrible publishing scheme. I’m another one of the group who paid out a substantial sum of money to be … Continue reading

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Beware Writers All

I don’t want to rehash old controversies beyond a point, but … Some of you will remember that the Brit Writers Awards have caused a ruckus or two on this blog in the past. One of the causes of our … Continue reading

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The marriage of Penguin

If you haven’t yet heard, Penguin and Random House are merging their businesses worldwide (except that bits of the RH German business are, rather oddly, being left out of the equation). It’s a not-quite merger of equals, Random House being … Continue reading

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Laughing all the way to the publisher

Earlier this summer, Julia Churchill, who runs the UK arm of the Greenhouse Literary Agency, launched the Greenhouse Funny Prize. The objective was simple: to find work that made her laugh. In her words: At Greenhouse we love all sorts … Continue reading

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Where have all the reviewers gone?

Writers, in those yolky days of innocence, think they know how it works. They write a book. A publisher publishes it. Newspapers review it. Books that garner good reviews go on to attract the readership they deserve. Yet, though writers … Continue reading

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Crime by moonlight

I’m generally an honest soul – working hard for my crust, sticking to the straight-‘n’-narrer, loyaller than Liz’s favourite Corgi – but now and again I do like to moonlight. Specifically on 10 and 11 November this year, I’m co-running … Continue reading

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If an agent accepts your work, what are your chances of getting a publishing deal?

A typical agent receives 2000 manuscripts in a year and will take on 2 authors from that total. Those odds are fairly well known and are somewhat scary. What’s less well known is what your chances are of getting a … Continue reading

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Meet the Industry – Calum Laird of Commando Comics

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Calum Laird, Commando comics Callum is editor at DC Thomson’s Commando. Commando is currently one of the longest running comic books in the world, having clocked up more than 4400 issues in the last fifty years – an impressive achievement … Continue reading

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Why genre fiction isn’t what you think it is (and why literary fiction isn’t either)

Go into a bookshop and you might be fooled into thinking the world was simple. There’s genre fiction (crime & thriller / women’s fiction / sci-fi, fantasy, horror). And then there’s classy fiction. That slice of the market doesn’t actually … Continue reading

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How to price an e-book

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The publishing industry is in a state of change. New authors face, for the first time, a real question about whether it makes sense to approach the market by the traditional agent and publisher route, or whether to go it … Continue reading

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