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17 Tips on how to commission your ebook cover design

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If you are planning to e-publish your book on Amazon and elsewhere, one of the biggest questions you’ll face is how to commission a cover that will sell your story, or non-fiction book, as hard and as effectively as possible. … Continue reading

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Average novel wordcount. (And when is YOUR novel too long?)

You’re writing your novel, it’s getting longer … and you’re just getting a wee bit worried that you might, possibly have over-achieved? Worry no more. This guide will tell you quickly the average word counts for every category of novel, … Continue reading

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How to Start Writing a Novel: the ten things to do right away

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You want to write a novel? Keen to get going? OK. Fine. Just make sure you do not write your first sentence. Not now, and not any time soon. I mean, you’ll get there soon enough, but first up, you … Continue reading

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How to edit a novel: bringing your manuscript to perfection

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I recently completed my fourth Fiona Griffiths novel – as yet untitled. The book is good. It’s got a good crime, contains a nice locked-room mystery, has one good (shocking) sequence midway through the story, and a proper all-action denouement … Continue reading

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Story Structure: beginnings, middles and ends in the novel

This meditation on story structure in the novel comes from William Kowalski, author of Eddie’s Bastard, The Hundred Hearts and other novels. The excerpt is taken from his ebook/PDF, Writing for First Time Novelists. The full text of that ebook … Continue reading

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Giants hitting each other with hammers

Some thoughts from Harry Bingham, an author published by both Hachette and Amazon … Unless you’ve been off on a long space voyage, you will have noticed the furore surrounding the contract dispute between Amazon and Hachette. The precise nature … Continue reading

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Why Hachette is scared of Amazon – and why Amazon wants better terms

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In a sister post to this one, I’ve discussed the Amazon-Hachette dispute more generally. This post looks at one specific and underaddressed issue: namely the financial aspects of the current brawl. It’s pretty clear why the Big 5 Publishers are … Continue reading

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The 30 screenplays that every screenwriter has to read

I recently wrote a post listing creative writing books that I thought writers would do well to get their mitts on, and another one on a list of recent novels that sketch out where the leading edge of contemporary fiction … Continue reading

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What do authors earn? (or: don’t give up the day job)

Authors have always earned badly, but the latest data from the Authors Licensing & Collecting Society confirm that was bad has grown much worse. The median income of a professional author in 2013 was just £11,000. The last time we … Continue reading

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The Future of Book Publishing – some predictions

Over the years, there have been countless bold (and sometimes barmy) predictions about the future of the publishing industry – and of course the industry is still evolving at a rate unprecedented since Guttenberg first looked at a wine press … Continue reading

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Telling clients they’re idiots (or when not to give up)

Here at the house of WW, we have a few ethical principles which we hold dear. We cherish all writers. We admire anyone who completes a full length novel and admire them even more if they’ve got some of their … Continue reading

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Routes to publication – writers share their thoughts

In a recent post on this blog, the bestselling and critically acclaimed author, William Kowalski explained why he has chosen to self-publish his most recent novel. I rather expected the post to attract some interest, and so it did. What … Continue reading

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The 30 books that every writer has to read

In my last post, I presented a list of books on writing and publishing which would, I think help absolutely any writer improve their approach to their craft and their industry. As part of that same conversation, I was also … Continue reading

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The 30 best books on writing, creativity and getting published

I was recently asked to recommend some books on how to write and on any related topics. I started to trot out the obvious suggestions, then realised there was actually a real trove of material out there. So here, with … Continue reading

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Why a best-selling traditional author chose to self-publish on the Amazon Kindle

A guest post by William Kowalski This is a tale of two worlds, two centuries, two distinct epochs in the history of publishing, and one author–that’s me–who stands with a foot planted firmly in each age, a devil-may-care grin on … Continue reading

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