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Writing a book? 12 easy steps that anyone can follow

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I’ve written a lot of books. I’ve been on bestseller lists, sold all over the world, had my work shortlisted for major awards and been adapted for TV. But you know what? Writing a book still feels like a daunting … Continue reading

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Glorious Quick Reads: an interview with Fanny Blake

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HB: Hi Fanny, you’ve had a pretty mighty career in publishing. Can you tell us a bit about that? What did you do – what did you love – and what most got you down? Fanny Blake: Hi there. I … Continue reading

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How does Instafreebie work? (And how to make it work for YOU)

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So, what is Instafreebie? Instafreebie (here) is a site that gives e-books away free to anyone who wants them. That sounds nice for readers, but not great for authors . . . except that the giveaway comes with a sweet … Continue reading

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How to self publish a book on Amazon Kindle (KDP)

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How to Self Publish Your Book on Amazon – the Ultimate Guide Self-Publishing – How to Make a Living From It An Overview of Effective Self-Publishing Write a Good Book Create a Strong Cover Prepare Your ‘Look Inside’ Material Prepare … Continue reading

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Austin Macauley: our opinion

In our previous post on Austin Macauley, we asked some serious questions about the firm in an attempt to understand whether this is a good and innovative firm adding value to its authors or whether, in effect, it’s just an … Continue reading

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Austin Macauley: some questions

If the Writers’ Workshop has a defining philosophy, then it’s this: We are always on the side of the book. We are always on the side of the writer. With books, we want them to be as good as they … Continue reading

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The Whole World – in a Box

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We at the Writers’ Workshop want lots of things. We want to have some fun, to organise superfabulous events, to see people get agented and published – but most of all, the thing we love best in the world is … Continue reading

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The Rule of Law: an open letter to Liz Truss

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***Looking for a post about writing and getting published? Sorry! This post is on a different subject altogether. Normal service will be resumed soon. *** Dear Lord Chancellor, I’m Harry Bingham, a crime novelist and the eldest son of the … Continue reading

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How to design an ebook (or: a letter to a ghost)

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We were recently haunted by a ghost that smelled of copy-ink and tweed and pipe-smoke. We noticed that the poor dear felt a bit forlorn because it wasn’t too sure how to lay out its ebooks, so we thought we … Continue reading

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Defending the value of the book (aka: Don’t piss on Shakespeare)

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Just back from a glorious, glorious Festival of Writing. Still in recovery today, so here’s a short post summarising one particular theme of the event. When publishers deliberately injure authors A lot of traditionally published authors I spoke to at … Continue reading

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Author marketing tips: 10 simple things that you can do

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You’ve written a book. You’ve got it all the way through production, either with the help of a traditional publisher or on your own, via self-pub. And all that seemed like plenty of effort, did it not? You’d think that … Continue reading

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The author and the Zeitgeist: chasing the shadow

What happens when you miss the Fashion in Fiction because you arrive too early? A guest post from author and director, Claire Seeber. (see fuller bio below. Claire’s book, The Stepmother, is available now.) Once upon a time, I started … Continue reading

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From Madonna to Publication – a writer’s journey

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A guest post from Julie-Ann Corrigan, describing her journey from the Festival of Writing to publication. More details about Julie-Ann at the bottom of this post. After years of saying (if only to myself) that I wanted to write, finally … Continue reading

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Diversity in genre fiction

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When is a book ‘not Asian enough’? There’s been a lot of discussion about diversity in publishing lately – a lot of people lament the fact that there aren’t enough diverse characters in fiction. There is diversity in the people … Continue reading

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Bless their pretty brown heads

Diversity in publishing – another low. We invited a guest blog recently on the woeful absence of diversity in publishing. Our sister site, Agent Hunter, published data on ethnic diversity among literary agents that suggests perhaps only 2-3% of the industry … Continue reading

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