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Happy New Year!

We launched this blog in 2011 and it’s been a huge success: we’ve had some wonderful contributors, some wonderful comments, a terrific readership and (um) the odd argument. But please help us find more readers. If you have a blog … Continue reading

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Revision, revision – Guest post by Tania Hershman

Tania Hershman is the Orange Prize commended author of The White Road and Other Stories. In 2011, her stories have appeared in numerous locations including the prestigious science journals, Nature and New Scientist. She runs the Short Review, a magazine … Continue reading

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Christmassy congrats

A quick pre-Xmas congratulations to Lucy Beresford, who’s been an editorial client of ours in the past, got an agent, got published – and even so chose to come back to the Festival of Writing, wanting to re-establish her career … Continue reading

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What are publishers for?

In the digital world, everyone, arguably, is a publisher, so what are traditional publishers for? A lot of the things that publishers do can be (and quite often are) outsourced. So if you want cover design, copyediting, editorial work, typesetting, … Continue reading

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Accidents Can Happen, But Should They? by Richard Blandford

Richard Blandford is the author of the novels Hound Dog and Flying Saucer Rock & Roll, and the online short story project, The Shuffle.  He blogs and tweets. Imagine the following scenario.  You know a couple in their mid-thirties.  They … Continue reading

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So set ‘em up Joe, I’ve got a little story… by Dexter Petley

A Guest Blog from Dexter Petley. Dexter is the acclaimed author of a number of novels: a literary noir whodunnit, Little Nineveh (Polygon 1995), Joyride (Fourth Estate, 1999), and White Lies (Fourth Estate 2003). White Lies was shortlisted for the … Continue reading

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