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Finding literary agents: UK and US

On the whole, it’s simple. British authors write books. They send them to UK literary agents – almost always based in or close to London. A British agent finds a British publisher. Then, once that first crucial deal is in … Continue reading

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How To Get Published on the Kindle

A client of ours recently sold his book internationally. He got good deals in the UK, Europe, China – and a nice five figure offer in the US, from a top class NY publisher. For various reasons, however, it looks … Continue reading

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Champagne on icebergs – and congrats round-up 2010-11

We send huge congratulations to Sally Nilsson on the publication of her book, The Man Who Sank Titanic, an engrossing read about her great-grandfather. Published by The History Press it tells the fascinating story of her great-grandfather, who was at … Continue reading

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Fixing your plot problems

** Guest Blog**  Gary Gibson is the author of six science fiction novels for Pan Macmillan, the latest of which, Final Days, was published in August. The sequel, The Thousand Emperors, will be published in 2012. He lives in Glasgow, … Continue reading

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Meeting Publishers

It’s not all that often that would-be authors get to meet publishers to pitch their work. Mostly, literary agents will take charge of sending your work out to publishers. Assuming that there’s interest in your work, publishers will come back … Continue reading

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Writing for Children

Nothing, but nothing, is more delightful than writing for children. And if you’ve started, as most such writers do, by writing for your own children, then you have delight piled on delight in store. Lucky you. But as soon as … Continue reading

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How to Meet Literary Agents

Loads of new writers will be frustrated by the impersonal quality of the typical agent submission procedure. You send off your stuff – spend up to eight weeks waiting to hear something – then get back a preprinted, slightly cold … Continue reading

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The elevator pitch for novels

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Writing is a scary old business but of all the scary things about it, perhaps the scariest is getting the concept right. I mean, you will spend hours, days, years writing the book itself. Getting the characters right. Tweaking your … Continue reading

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Writing Women’s Fiction

When new writers don’t get taken on by literary agents, they often complain, “So-and-so never even read the whole thing.” Whenever we hear that, we know that person hasn’t understood some basic truths about the whole literary business. Of course … Continue reading

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Digital publicity for new authors

In the good old days, everyone knew how to carry out publicity. A few months before publication, you met with your publicist. You discussed various possible publicity angles (about the book, about your own story, and so on). Your publicist … Continue reading

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