Why Use Us?

Established in June 2005, The Writers' Workshop is the world's leading consultancy for first time writers. We offer professional feedback on your work, run courses, host events, provide a mass of free advice, and - when you're ready - we can use our extensive connections to find the literary agent who is right for you.


Getting you published: it's what we're all about

We have an unparalleled record of getting writers all the way through to publication, simply because we combine passion and expertise in all that we do.

We are happy to work with every writer at any stage of their journey. The one thing we do ask is that you bring passion for the craft and an eagerness to learn. If you have those things, there is no limit to how far we can go together. Read what our clients say about us.


We have a track record of success

Our clients have, with our help, gone on to:

  • secure representation from some of the top agents in the business
  • win six-figure book deals
  • get multi-book deals from leading publishers
  • get published internationally
  • become conventionally published bestsellers
  • become self-published bestsellers
  • become prize-winners, and appear on major prize short- and long-lists
  • secure film & TV deals

Obviously those things don't happen all the time, and getting published is hard and getting harder, but no one has a better track record than we do. See our successes.


Our editorial team is second to none

Our editorial team comprises professional authors, screenwriters and former commissioning editors at major publishing houses. We only accept people who are outstandingly well-qualified in their sphere and we have always been highly selective in who we are willing to use. Meet our editorial team.


We have outstanding connections to literary agents

As the largest firm of our kind, we are also the best connected. We have placed our clients with agents in just about every large literary agency in the UK, most of the medium-sized ones and a large number of smaller agencies too.

We also run the annual Festival of Writing, an event so popular with agents that we have to turn away a good number of those who want to come. If that weren't enough, we also run Agent Hunter, the UK's leading online directory of agents - and that means that we're in regular contact with pretty much every agency in the UK. Learn more about our connections.

These days the firm is run by MD Laura Burson. Laura joined The Writers' Workshop as the manager and events director back in 2010, after 7 years of working in the book world, as a bookseller, publishing assistant and librarian. 

Our Beginnings: Created by writers for writers

The Writers' Workshop was set up by Harry Bingham (left), himself a bestselling author of both fiction and non-fiction. Harry's work has been published in the UK, the US, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan and numerous other territories besides. He has been short-and long-listed for major literary awards and his crime fiction has been critically acclaimed worldwide.

He is also the author of Getting Published and How To Write, each of them among the leading texts on their subjects. More about Harry.


Nuala Bingham (left) co-founded the business in 2005 and played a huge part in building the WW into the UK's leading editorial agency and (now) a major provider of online writing courses.