Sample reports for manuscript feedback

Every book varies, so our reports do too. We never try to impose a rigid format on you and your work. But to give you an idea of what your report might look like, we’ve posted some examples below.

The reports are all drawn from recent examples, with details changed to protect authors’ privacy. The reports are condensed for the web, but original word count is given below. Our editorial reports are a minimum of 3,000 words (for full length manuscripts), but may be much longer.

Please also note that we deal with every genre and every stage of development. What follows is just a sample.


  Fire Daughter
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A strong novel about surrogacy and IVF.
Original report:
  6,000 words
  Enemy on the Bridge
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A historical adventure novel.
Original report:   10,000+ words (!)
  Short Stories
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3 short stories, by a writer just starting out.
Original report:
  3,400 words
  Rembrandt's Rubies
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A sophisticated thriller - very close to marketable.
Original report:
9,000 words
  The Lamps of Paris
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A literary women's novel set in Paris.
Original report:  
4,500 words
  The Book of Forgetting
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A fantasy novel for young adults. (2nd report)
Original report:   5,100 words
  Destructive Forces
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Short report on a novel's opening chapter
Original report: 2,000 words


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